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My recs from the Tragic Magic Ninjas community on the late, lamented Imzy.

Visionary by esama - 61000 words (WIP)

A last desperate measure, last foolish hope, last chance. Of course it went wrong.
(It's your usual time travel fic and then it just isn't.)

Reccing a meme favourite, because it's honestly kind of fantastic.

Obito, Kakashi, and Naruto go back in time, and get stuck in one really weird body. Orochimaru, who it in his early twenties and creepy but not yet evil, is completely enthralled.

It's hilariously weird, and esama's commitment to the premise is exceptional. A++

(Also, there's Fanart. Lots of it. In case you were having difficulty picturing what Naoka looks like.)

Continually Adapting (to Stay Alive) by Ramabear - 7454 Words (Complete)

Shisui writes words to his soulmate, the one who never writes back, as if he were writing in a diary. Itachi sees him, tongue trapped between his teeth, as he works on a winding message that takes up both arms. It is lucky for Shisui that he is ambidextrous, Itachi thinks. It must not be so lucky for his soulmate though. Maybe it annoys them. They never reply to anything, but Shisui is stubborn.

Itachi’s soulmate always replies to him. Itachi draws birds with painstaking carefulness on his pale limbs. He gets grinning sharks in return, always. He wishes he could make them stay a little longer.

Kakashi/Shisui and Itachi/Kisame canon AU with soulmates.

Sweet, lightly angsty, and tiny Itachi and his giant Mist Missing nin Shark soulmate entertains me more than I can explain. (I'm going with 'Itachi and Kisame are soulmated best friends' as my personal headcanon for this fic because Itachi is very young, but there's no hint of anything skeevy to contradict that)

Dirt and Ashes, or: The One-and-a-Half Body Problem - Tozette - 90000 words (Complete)

The invasion of Konoha during the chuunin exam didn't fail. Team seven is broken, people are dead, and Sakura is hurt and frightened and a very long way from home.

Alternative summary: In which Sakura carries half of Hidan across two countries, leaving a trail of blood, bodies, and other people's legs.

This fic is long, fantastic, and complete. It's also super gory, gross, strangely heartwarming, and a 100% gen Sakura-focused fic. That's finished. It's so incredibly satisfying.

Kill Your Heroes - Evil Is A Relative Term - 167000 words (WIP)

Because, sometimes, we are what our adversaries make of us. Because Gatō only needed Zabuza to neutralize Kakashi. He isn't afraid of one little pink-haired genin. But even mice will bite when cornered. A story of where fear drives the most vulnerable member of Team Seven, from Wave and beyond.

This fic is...well, it's hard to sum up. It starts slightly choppy thanks to the structure imposed by what I'm guessing was a prompt meme, but it's got a brutal story at its heart. Sakura runs into a lot of trouble on the Wave Mission, and starts to level up in both badass and fucked-up-ness. It is well written, and it isn't overwhelmingly grimdark.

Trial by Ninja - jacobk - 100000 words (Complete)

To become great, one must overcome great opponents. A moment of inspiration during the chuunin exam puts Sakura on the path to greatness, whether she likes it or not.

This fic is yet another Sakura fic (my eternal fav!), and very heavy on the Team 7 loyalty. Sakura beats Ino in the Chuunin exams, and gets trained by Ebisu. Things spiral away from canon from that point onward. In Naruto fandom you chew through a lot of "rehash of canon, ever so slightly different", but this one? This one is a very plausible canon AU where somethings stay the same, and others really don't. And it's complete!

I found it super enjoyable, and though the sequel, Appeal of Authority, hasn't been updated in over a year, I'm still clinging to hope.

Beauty+Stupid by Laylah - 2527 words (Complete)

He moves like a damn dancer. Kisame wonders how many people have lost fights with the Uchiha because all that pretty made them stupid.

Itachi/Kisame. Itachi fisting Kisame. It's hot. REALLY hot.

Payback by penny - 1937 Words (Complete)

Summary: The first time they fuck, they're both drunk. Anko has vague memories of a dare, a strong memory of Iruka blushing, and a vivid memory of the way he'd moaned when he went down on her, like he was the one on the receiving end of all the attention. It...sticks with her, makes her notice Iruka.

Anko/Iruka fic with het bloodplay! It's not terribly long, but I like the very ninja romance they strike up.

A Snake In the Grass, a Wolf At the Door by blackkat - 56000 Words (Complete)

Summary: Orochimaru is on the edge of breaking when someone unexpected pulls him back to solid ground. When the time comes, he returns the favor.

Sakumo Hatake/Orochimaru! This is woobie fic. Orochimaru woobie fic. It is delightful, weird, and very, very woobie.
(Totally shipping it)

A rec note: this is pure id fic, and it's been doing the opposite of growing on me over time. However, if it sounds like something you might like, then there's no harm in giving it a read!

survival of the fittest by cywscross - 24700 words (complete)

Sakura is thirteen, still a Genin, lost in the middle of Earth Country, lugging an unconscious Chuunin around, and so far beyond scared that she’s moved right on to pissed off.

The lightest of Sakura/Shikamaru shipping! This one is a really great survival story, where everything that can go wrong absolutely does. Sometimes twice. I love how plotty this fic manages to be!

Yet, mad I am not By: Erisah Mae - Words 76532 (WIP)

...and very surely I do not dream"- Poe. Uchiha Itachi died. Then he woke up chained in a cell, in a Sound stronghold. Having fought his way free, he encounters some people he knew were dead, and some who when previously met have tried to kill him on sight, but now show concern. Is this an elaborate genjutsu? Or something else?

Canon Itachi gets tossed into a dimension where his crapsack life was not, in fact, crapsack at all. This fic is pretty entertaining! Primarily for Itachi walking through a world where everyone he thought was dead is alive, and desperately trying to pretend he's the Itachi who belonged in this world, while having no clue what that Itachi was like. (He screws up. Repeatedly. It's both sad and funny)

A Female Switch by randomlydrabbling - 9278 Words (Complete)

Gai is born a girl, and absolutely nothing changes.

What it says on the tin! An overview of Gai and Kakashi's relationship if Gai had been born a girl. They are BFFs. They are...not lovers? It's still totally Gai/Kakashi fic, though.
(Dub-con underaged sex mentioned, not detailed)

Ascendant By Samurai101 - 115000 Words (Complete)

Summary: Itachi's just died...and woken up thirteen again. The only problem is his thirteen year-old self doesn't like the idea of sharing his mind and body with his clan's killer. How hard would you fight to save your family from yourself? ::AU::COMPLETE::

Oh this fic... Where do I begin? It's long, it's complete, and it's a despair party from beginning to about ten seconds before the end. I can't think of many fics with such a excellent feeling of swiftly impending doom--reading this fic is like watching the Titanic go on its maiden voyage.

Troubling New Developments by SicTransitGloria - 2149 words (complete)

Kakashi takes a moment to wrap his mind around equating Ino’s chest with enemy shinobi while Asuma begins beating his head against the table and groaning about how he didn’t sign up for this. Rated for language and the general horror that is puberty

The jounin-sensei of the Konoha twelve vs. puberty. It's been nine years since I first read this, but rereading it, I blame it fully for my addiction to well-meaning, yet utterly godawful at mentoring Kakashi.

A Thoughtful, Moving Exploration of Passionate Youth - thehoyden - 15400 Words (Complete)

It said something about Gai that Iruka was actually unsure whether that was a line.

Iruka/Gai, in a world where Iruka adopted Naruto when Naruto was six. This fic is soft, dreamy, and super sweet. It's very romantic, surprisingly subdued for something that features Gai, and all round just lovely. This is honestly one of my favourite fics of all time, in any fandom.

Pulling my Weight - itsthechocopuff - 71000 words (WIP)

During their mission to Wave, Sakura realises how behind she is in her training and decides to do something about it. She vows to become a teammate Naruto and Sasuke can depend on, can respect, can trust to fight their battles alongside them. But Sakura has always been a paper-ninja, so her first stop for inspiration is the library where she finds unexpected help in the form of one very bored tokujo who quickly goes on to become an integral part of her life. Soon, despite the neglect of her sensei and all odds seemingly against her, Sakura's destiny begins to change.

Sakura gets some training by Genma, and it makes all the difference. (Sakura power-up fic--my greatest weakness!) This one makes use of a lot of minor characters (who, admittedly, may be...overly impressed with Sakura, but that's why it's fun, right?).

A Consequence of Loyalty - leathansparrow - 52590 words (Complete)

On a mission into Rain country, Itachi encounters a very large man in a red and black cloak who tells him: “I’ve only ever seen one person use crows as you do.”

He cannot take the man’s further advice: “turn back now, if you value your life.”

Everything changes.

A non-massacre au.

In which Itachi doesn't kill his family, and they hate him for it (okay, it's more complicated than that). Eventual Itachi/Kisame/Shisui, though it's a very minor part of the fic.

This is a honestly a great fic. The mystery unravels slowly and satisfyingly, there's a lovely sense of weighty doom, and it has my OTP in it. it's well written. And complete, we mustn't forget that it's complete!

Uneasy coexistence by DeGlace - 70000 words (complete)

One grinning shark–man. One pink–haired medic. Ankles. Teeth. Kisame x Sakura. Yes, you read that right

Kisame/Sakura! It's a cheerfully goofy romance between two of my all time favorite characters. It's fun! And both long and complete.

Reflection by JapaneseAnimeFreak16 - 44000 words (WIP)

His nose itches with the long dead scents of incense, saltwater, and spice but he doesn’t look back until -
A choked, “Kakashi?”

He closes his uncovered eye, takes a deep breath, and turns.

Three ghosts stare back.

In this world, Team Minato returns as heroes.

(This time, there was no disgraced Hatake runt carrying the most prized doujutsu of the famed Uchiha clan, no questions of theft or accusations of treason, no doubts of Minato’s abilities as a teacher let alone Hokage, no back-stabbing comrade killers-

-no Kakashi.)

Canon Kakashi falls into a new dimension where he died in Obito's place. And almost everyone he ever cared about is alive instead of dead. To be very clear, this is a Canon Kakashi from a point before he finds out about Obito being still alive.

What I love about these alternate dimension type fics is the character's (and reader's) discoveries of the little changes that added up. This fic makes very good use of that, and great use of Kakashi's building fear that maybe--just maybe--he should have died.

The First Shifting Grain by CADEL - 79700 words (WIP)

Sabaku no Gaara lands in the past to a time where everyone fears him and his father is still alive. He realises regaining everyone's trust will be difficult, especially when they still think he's a blood-thirsty psychopath.

Time Travel fic for Gaara! I fear the fic might be dead, but nearly 80000 words is nothing to sniff at. Gaara heading back in time is always a bit sad, because, well, the whole childhood as an unpredictable spree killer thing (Naruto plot elements: never having to say you're joking), which this fic takes some time to explore.

Gallant by Crunchysunrises- 14800 words (complete)

On the day that he makes genin, Itachi sees Sakura. It changes the course of his life.

This one is a quiet and sweet story, focused on a weird little friendship that springs up between tiny Itachi and baby Sakura. The friendship eventually saves Itachi, though he's not really capable of wanting to be saved.

It's got an equally good sequel, which I'm very fond of for the cast of very young Naruto characters it features. Very cute!

Just the Usual Habits by mapplepie - 4100 words (complete)

Summary: Sakumo has no idea where all of these habits of Kakashi's are coming from. In which five-year-old Kakashi forgets the existence of his left eye, loses his ability to lie believably, and is a little too knowledgeable about the Birds and Bees. Still, no matter what oddities went on in Kakashi's head, one thing is certain – the boy will always love his father, through thick and thin.

Time traveling Kakashi is such a little brat.

Looking In (On the Outside) by Killaurey - 9000 words (complete)

Ino's never been good at doing nothing. Being ordered to do nothing doesn't make it any easier. (Minor InoNaru.)

So I waffled around in Killaurey's list of fics for about two days, trying to decide with was the absolute best one to rec, so that everyone could see how excellent her lightly creepy touch on Naruto canon is.

The answer is all of them. Read this one, go to her profile page, read all the rest. Killaurey is fucking fantastic. She focuses heavily on Sakura and Ino, with a side dish of Kakashi/Sakura. But damn, it's her Sakura/Ino platonic soulmates writing that steals the cake.

Deathless by phoenixyfriend - 17500 words (WIP)

Mortality is for losers. So is time as a linear concept. In other words, the entire planet is dead, Sakura is over five hundred years old, and she's bored as hell. Time-travel is clearly the only option.

It's manically cheerful crack about time traveling super-powered Sakura. It's like my personal kryptonite. This isn't to say that the fic is great--it's batshit. But it has some good moments that I really enjoyed.

Sky on Fire I: Slow Burn by Killaurey - 247600 Words (WIP)

AU after the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. Inocentric. Shikamaru didn’t choose her for the mission because she was weak. Furious at him, and at herself, Ino decided to change that – but sometimes change is a bumpy road to walk.

Have you ever wanted Ino deciding to get stronger fic? Have you ever wanted epic length Ino gets stronger fic? And have you ever prayed to the fic gods that you could have both those things, with clear, well written prose, and a large background cast that gets a lot of attention?

If you're anything like me, you didn't even know you wanted any of those things until you found this fic, saw the summary, and froze like a deer in the headlights of love at first sight.
This fic is good. This fic is really good. And long. And unfortunately incomplete and possibly unlikely to be finished. But it's very worth reading.

now, for the second act by WDW - 26900 words (WIP)

Summary: After his death at Pein's hands, Kakashi finally makes his peace with his father. But when he opens his eyes, it's not to the the ruins of his village. Instead, he's thirteen again, armed with all the knowledge he has of the future and the skill set of a thirty year old ex-ANBU Commander. He's ready to save his precious people.
Except, he's not the only one to make it back.
[Team Minato wakes up in the past after their deaths, a week before the mission to Kannabi Bridge. Yes, all of them.]

But she wasn't sure how to put those pieces together to make some explanation that fit. It wasn't as if she could say, "Well, actually, our whole team just came back from the future. Apparently, Kakashi is just a very weird adult."
"Oh, the challenge with Gai?" Obito asks. Rin slumps in relief. "I dunno. He's been like that for years."
She curses under her breath.
Genma blinks. "You're kidding me," he says flatly. "That was not normal."
Obito shrugs. "Maybe you didn't notice," he offers. "Kakashi always acts like that. I mean, Rin and I are his teammates. We do know him the best after all."
"Didn't you call him an asshole and an arrogant jerk?" The other boy asks skeptically.
"People change."
"You said that yesterday."
Obito nods. His poker face is perfect.
This fic is weird and quirky and has a novel premise for time travel! I LOVE the idea of Minato's entire team time traveling. It's not finished, but what is there is a good read, and it had a few points that had me laughing out loud.

About Face by wroth_and_ruin - 61900 words (WIP)

Summary: A little yellow-haired boy saves Sakura from the bullies. And everything changes.

I love these kinds of fics. Sakura gets saved from bullies by a totally different blonde. Naruto gets a BFF. It's cutesy, a little twee, and 100% adorable (these are features, not flaws!). :D

Damn the Consequences by notbug (KageKashu) - 1000 Words (complete)

Summary: Madara is tired, and he isn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
It's short but well written, and the idea is very interesting. Time Travel!

How Long is Forever? by aoutrance - 98000 word (WIP)

Summary: Time Travel AU. Sakura has come back to do good deeds and fix some shit. Not posted in chronological order.

Sakura Time Travel fic! Now, if you haven't already clicked through and started reading, let me start with hell yes I love Sakura in this. It's a fun, well-written fic, where Sakura is...well she's a little tiny bit bored being a child. This changes some stuff.

It ends on a cliffhanger, and it hasn't updated in a year, but hey--it's still a great fic!

To Teach You (Nothing Like A Zombie Apocalypse) by Tozette 7100 Words (complete)

Summary: Hidan’s plans for today have changed from make it home and take a nap to choose which way to die is least shitty. Since he’s contemplating it anyway, he’s pretty sure he’d prefer the explosion to the fall, but he’s still open to alternatives that, you know, don’t involve dying.

It's a modern AU where Akatsuki is trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. It's a great one shot, with lots of action and tons of fascinating hints about the situation that Akatuski has found itself in, and it's satisfyingly complete.

(I would read another 200000 words of this, but that's just me being greedy. ;)

Teamwork: A Teacher's Guide by Tozette - 16000 words (WIP)

Summary: In which Kakashi decides that Team Seven would have been just fine, and avoided a lot of future problems if they'd been more closely-knit, trusted each other more, and cooperated as a team. He goes back in time to fix it.

Kakashi doesn't have a great history with interpersonal relationships. But speaking from years of wartime experience, Kakashi knows that there is one thing that can unite a group of people like no other: shared trauma.

Okay, you guys might have guessed this already, but I really love time travel. Also, here's a quote from it that I love:

Kakashi left the clock on the wall next to the photograph of his old team where it ticked like some maddening sound track to his ongoing time travel catastrophe. It wasn’t entirely comforting to have it there.

Tozette has a real gift for characterization (and actually writing in general) and this is a very, very Kakashi story. Kakashi's a total failboat who is determined to do it all by himself, and, well, he doesn't do too terribly well at it. He is very hindered by his critical lack of social skills.

Late Night Awkward by Bittersweet Mika 6100 Words - Complete

Summary: Sakura can’t sleep, and Kakashi just can’t escape his students. Awkward situations and revealing conversations abound. Not to mention some realizations about themselves and each other

Okay, first things first: Sakura is 13 in this, and though it isn't shippy, it is distinctly pre-shippy.

Second thing, this is horribly, hilariously awkward, and it fired up my Kakasaku shipping soul back when I was a very young fan.

Third thing? There's two completed sequels to this one shot, and they are also terrifically awkward.

Xylophilia by Crunchysunrises - 4400 Words (complete)

Kakashi is Tenzo's first love. Sakura and Sai are his final ones.

I'm not entirely sure what to say about this fic except--well, pure squee, obviously, but more importantly, I adore the little snippets of Tenzo's life, and how he goes from lost to found over the course of the story. Sakura's deep appreciation for his powers is quite nice, too.

Boy, Reborn by Ouvalyrin 9000 Words (Complete)

Summary: Sasuke dies.

Holy shit so creepy. So creepy. This gave me the greatest shivers.

Vespertine by: Cynchick - 115000 Words (complete)

Two enemies strike a bargain to save what they both hold dear. He will reveal a truth that shakes her beliefs, drawing her into a web of lies and betrayal. She will offer the redemption for which he never hoped and show him how to be human again. ItaSaku.

Sakura/Itachi fic that is both long and good. I've reread this fic many times, and though Sakura is, perhaps, not quite as badass as I like her (look, I like my Super!Sakura), it's one of my favourite fics of all time. I hope you enjoy it too!

Felix Culpa by Ninjagrrl - 30800 words (complete)

Summary: The felix culpa, or blessed fall. An attack from the Kyuubi leaves Itachi blind, his mind shattered and memories gone. Meanwhile, Kakashi is still recovering from the aftermath of a mission gone badly wrong.

I'm not going to lie, this fic is so subtle that I'm not entirely sure what happened before, during, or after it, but it makes up for that in sheer atmosphere. It had a lot of atmosphere. Oodles of it. And it is distinctly not hurt/comfort.

Warning: possible underage torture/violence. ...It's very subtle, but I'm pretty sure it was in there?

How To Save The World With No One Even Realizing by IncompleteSentanc (Erava) - 27000 words (Complete)

Summary: Minato knows at the beginning of the week that it's going to be a hellish one. Mostly because it starts with the kidnapping of one of his two remaining students, only a year after they'd lost his third one. He just doesn't realize at the time that it's not going to be a hellish week - it's going to be hell for quite a bit longer than that.

It all starts with Rin's kidnapping, and her subsequent rescue at the hands of a mysteriously appearing, monstrously strong, murderously violent woman.

A woman with cotton candy pink hair.

It only devolves from there.

This is a set of outsider point of views on the whole time-travel to fix everything trope. Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto are scary.

There's also a 40000 word completed sequel to this fic! Don't read the sequel first, it makes no sense by itself (okay, okay, I got like halfway through the sequel before going "this fic is good, but I have no idea what's going on", and scrolling up to find out that oops, not the first fic in the series)

Black Sheep Verse: Now is the Winter of Our Discontent by Cywscross (16 parts, WIP)

Summary: “You can stay with me,” Orochimaru offers on impulse, which isn’t like him at all. But Minato and Kushina’s boy is staring back at him now with heartbreakingly hopeful eyes set in a too thin face, and he can’t bring himself to walk away.

An Orochimaru who never left Konoha takes in tiny Naruto. It's super cute!

Unexpected Guests by Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - 2000 words (complete)

Summary: It's snowing and Kakashi is determined to spend his vacation day alone and not!brooding. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura disagree. Post hypothetical end of manga, might be some vague spoilers.

An old fic, but one that's chock full of really good Team 7 feels.

Control by Reimar (Complete)

Summary: The improper way to return a prodigal teammate to your side.

Sakura/Naruto - This is fucked up, but also great. (But fucked up). You should definitely read it!

split knuckles by agavrik - 4957 Words (Complete)

she will bring down a god for them and carve her name out into this world with her bare hands. sasusaku-ish.

The one where Sakura anihilates Madara. Shhhh, it's beautiful. 😢

like a stray to the arms that were open by Laylah - 2720 words (complete)

"It's a jutsu Tsunade developed—"
"Of course it is."

"—to help medi-nins direct chakra through their patients' bodies in traumatic situations, and how are you even lucid." She glares at him.

"I'm pretty sure I'm not," Kakashi says helpfully. "So I gladly consign my dubious virtue to your talented hands."

Sakura/Kakashi futanari healing cock! Full disclosure, this was written for me as a late gift for Smut Swap, and I am so happy I could die. It's amazing. I might be crying a little, but they're good tears. Not weird tears at all.

if the shoe fits - by Searching.For.Enadi - 12500 words (complete)

Summary: Time travel. Technically, she could consider this the greatest mission she has ever undertaken, or a brilliant opportunity to finally hit the hot springs. (Or, the one where Haruno Sakura really, really needs a vacation).

I laughed frequently and hard at this one. Sakura goes back in time, takes up bounty hunting, wood carving, and painting.

The Lavender Beast of Konoha by Mark Doherty - 42800 words (WIP)

Summary: In a fit of hubris, Hiashi forced Hinata to attend the same Academy class as Neji. Having never been in the same class as Naruto, who shall serve as her inspiration to grow stronger? AU Team Gai: Lee, Tenten, Hinata. Gen for now. Surprisingly not crack.

I'm not usually bothered by WIPs--I like the journey, and if we don't make it to end, well at least I had some fun on the way, right? I'd rather read 1000 incomplete words than read nothing.

Yeah, not for this fic. Gai is so good for Hinata in this fic, and the story has stuck with me like a burr since I read it back in 2010. I want the rest like burning, even though there's no chance after all these years. But it's still one of my favourite Hinata fics of all time--even if the incompleteness on this one really hurts me. :P

Gentle, and low by rilina - 400 words (complete)

Summary: How can someone who admires Uzumaki Naruto of all people not know how to shout?

A character study piece for Hinata that I very much enjoy.

Something in the Water by Maldoror (Complete)

Summary: Tsunade does some digging.

This is short and funny, and I want to read the aftermath so bad.

In Bond and Blood by thehoyden - 12918 Words (complete)

Summary: "I want to make Naruto my heir," Kakashi said bluntly.

Kakashi/Iruka! This fic is delightful in all the best ways. A marriage of convenience for Iruka and Kakashi (predicatably) blossoms into more!

The Chase by Hokuto - 14500 words (complete)

Summary: A mysterious noise in the middle of the night sends Itachi and Shisui on a mission with unforeseeable consequences. Vague spoilers for all currently released chapters.

It's such a good mystery/mission fic. I don't want to spoil it for you, but this fic hurts so good. You should definitely read it!

Rice Paper by greenkangaroo - 877 words (complete)

If you leave a secret in the box just outside their compound's back door, an Akimichi will eat it, written on rice paper.

This fic hits hard. Very good, do recommend.

What Even - greenkangaroo - 4349 words (complete)

One of the logistical problems of moving back into a village you abandoned (per orders) after murdering everyone in your family (per orders) and leaving your little brother all alone to grow up with a massive sibling-sized chip on his shoulder (definitely NOT per orders) is that when everything is said and done and you move back in, there’s just too much space. Or, Itachi's lucky the Akimichi are easygoing and Kisame is just confused.

The ending I have always wanted for Itachi and Kisame.

The Wall by greenkangaroo - 992 words (complete)

It's rare for an Akimichi to be the last survivor of a trio.

I'm not crying, you're crying. This is a great exploration of the Akimichi clan's role in Konoha, and it kind of makes me want a billion fics about them.

White Snakes and Rusted Kunai by Tartarun 12200 words (complete)

The white haired boy was laughing. "Guess we can't ignore the prodigy child any longer." In which Orochimaru learns first hand how cruel and unwelcoming the ninja world can be, especially to outsiders.

Orochimaru. Not quite canon compliant, but very, very good.

Housekeeping - Anria - complete

Summary: Shikamaru runs into a ghost

The season for ghost stories is upon us! Also, I adore ghost stories, especially quiet, non-scary ones like this.

I Love The Sound of You Walking Away by Quillslinger -2916 words (complete)

Summary: Look out, Konoha. Yamanaka Ino is on the rebound. Ino-centric, het and yuri.

This fic really captures a great version of Ino.

a heap of details, uncatalogued, illogical by 100demons - 8459 Words (complete)

“Oh,” she says, white hands clenched into tight fists. “I’m-- I was your student. Haruno Sakura.”
Kakashi tilts his head, gray eye analyzing her carefully for tells. He finds nothing. “I’ve never seen you before in my life,” he says flatly.

(Kakashi wakes up fourteen years old.)

I think my favourite part of this is Naruto's scrapbooking hobby. But it's also a really great fic for the Kakashi h/c! (he's such a prickly little shit).

disgraceful - Joosetta

I'm reccing this for Naruto's birthday because if he had a favourite fanfic I swear it would be this one.
It'd be his secret favourite, printed out and hidden under his bed.

Cold Comfort - sowell - 1594 words (complete)

Summary: Everyone has their own way of grieving.

Kakashi/Sakura...there's very few things I love more than ill-advised grief sex. If you're like me in that regard, you will adore this fic!

An Invincible Summer by ShanaStoryteller - 136306 words (complete)

Summary: When Naruto is five, he's gutted by a drunken civilian and presumed dead.

Six months later a girl with ash pale hair and dark blue eyes enters the Academy.

Naruto/Sasuke! This fic is beautiful. I avoided it for so long because the summary sounded like an ocean of fics that I've back-buttoned out of, but this one is different. Special. Take my word for it. (To be fair, it makes some wild-ass use of canon, but there is a frantic, brilliant energy to this fic that I means I would not change a single weird as fuck word of it)

open season by sazzafraz - 7773 words (complete)

Summary: The way Sasuke comes home is less myth and more devastatingly embarrassing happenstance.

Sakura/Sasuke/Naruto...Kakashi? Well this was an awesome read. I love Sakura's attitude in this. She's so prickly and vicious and tempermental and sentimental. Her grudge against Sasuke is brilliant and deeply funny to me for some reason.

In which Itachi May Have a Sister Complex and Satsuki is Exasperated - okayserasera - 9914 words (complete)

Summary: Satsuki is five years old, eyes wide and pitchy-black like those of the baby seals Itachi has seen in the islands of Kiri, when she smiles sweetly and asks her beloved Big Brother the best way to kill a man. Itachi puts down his stick of dango, nods approvingly, and tells her that the best way to kill a man is a senbon to the internal jugular artery in the place where a man’s neck meets the underside of his chin.

Bless this hilarious fic. Bless it hard. Insane Uchiha, and ninja as they were meant to be--batshit.

Goal-Oriented By: Emerald Ashes - 4837 words (complete)

Summary: After defeating his evil older brother, Sasuke decides to return to Konoha and rebuild his clan...Why is everyone being so difficult about this? In which Sasuke completely missed the plot.

I'm just going to call this one the one where Sasuke is a spectacular failboat at remembering anything but 'Kill Itachi' and 'Restart clan'. Lol. Sasuke.

Throwing a Stone In a River by theroadkillcafe - 10000 words (WIP)

Summary: When Sakura graduates from the academy, she suddenly finds her head invaded by the ghost of Uchiha Shisui. Her inner is gone, but not forgotten, and she struggles with impulse control more than ever before. But also, Shisui gives a lot of unsolicited advice - useful and otherwise - and does not shut the fuck up. He’s not thrilled about current events.

This fic is super promising. I love how Sakura deals with it and hides him, and why she doesn't report the new voice in her head. It makes perfect sense, and I'm very curious about what Kakashi is thinking about her. And I really want to know what happened to Inner Sakura.

...Very curious. I've been thinking about this one off and on for a couple of days now, trying to figure out what could happen next.


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