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Hey writer! I like the tags I picked. All of them. Individually and together. You write your favourite of my tags, and you know it'll be one of mine. Anon comments should be on if you want some clarification on anything.

Hey artist! Same goes, but you know that I really love in art? Size kink, stomach bulge, tentacles, monsters, and extreme penetration. :P

If you don’t like my prompts, but do like something I list here, I welcome mixing and matching my list of likes, tags, and prompts to all of the pairings I’ve requested.


Modern or Mundane AUs
First and second person POV
Character Bashing
Animal abuse. Makes me cry, please don't.

Kinks I DNW: Infantilism, Daddy/Mommy Kink, Vore, Formal Dom/Sub, Pony Play, Puppy Play, Consensual Roleplay, Foot Fetishes

-Sex pollen. I fucking love sex pollen.
-the canon setting and world
-Time travel
-friends with benefits
-casual sex with friends
-characters being happily in love
-hate sex that’s secretly like-sex
-touch starvation
-ghost stories (ghooooost seeeeeeex)
-creepy stories
-rape, dub-con
-rape recovery (especially with healing cock)
-breeding (not pregnancy, the impregnating. Pregnancy fine, but not hot)
-stranded in snow storm/desert island/inside a whale/in a box
-strangers meeting, having sex, and then discovering that they’re enemies or rivals
-exhausted, worked-down-to-the-bone characters getting some TLC
-lavish descriptions of beddings
-sex for warmth
-mind control that gets broken eventually
-healing cock (both the parody of magical healing cock and the earnest ‘heal your trauma with a dick’ variety)
-cracky scenarios developed solely for porn. Futanari as an STD? Yes, please.
-unexpected gender swap
-body swap
-rough sex
-graphic torture
-body horror
-Sex slaves (non-consensual)


Prompt 1

Medium: Fanart, Medium: Fanfiction
Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Major Character Death
Haruno Sakura/Hatake Kakashi/Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto
Haruno Sakura/Hoshigaki Kisame/Uchiha Itachi
Haruno Sakura/Hatake Kakashi/Yamanaka Ino
Hatake Sakumo/Haruno Sakura
Haruno Sakura/Hatake Kakashi
Haruno Sakura/Yamanaka Ino
Hoshigaki Kisame/Orochimaru

Group Soulbonds, Gangbang, Sex as a Teambuilding Exercise, Double Penetration in One Hole, Were-cock (growing a cock on the night of the full moon), Sexual Mad Science, Healing Sex, Magical Healing/Resurrecting Cock, Sex Pollen, Ghost Sex, Somebody's Genitalia Just Got An Upgrade, Gender or Sex Swap, Enemies With Benefits, Redemption Sex, Rival Sex, Size Kink, Femdom, Seduction, Drunk Sex, Fisting

Everything I’ve tagged can be applied to any pairing I've prompted, regardless if they'd have to be gender flipped, dead, impregnated, or given bonus clones to make the tag work.

General prompts/stuff I like:
- Ninja teaming up to seduce a hard target
- Tactical seduction for fun and profit
- Drunk sex (especially if they wake up married! Or pregnant with puppies. Or with brand new genitals. Drunk mad science is the best mad science.)
- Sakura or Ino is infected with the dreaded mooncock disease. Means she grows a (massive) cock during the full moon, and she lusts for holes to stick it in
- Sex Pollen. Forever and always.
- Hurt/Comfort

- Sakura loves Ino. Ino loves Sakura. They both really want to sleep with a guy, though, just to see what it's like. And Kakashi's rumoured to be fantastic in bed. He's so confused. And embarrassed. (I'm not opposed to them deciding that they like him and want to keep him!)
- Sakura and Ino fighting over which of them is the better seductress using Kakashi as their target, while Kakashi plays hard to get and enjoys himself immensely. Eventually they have to use teamwork to seduce him! (Because let's be real, if there's anything that's going to seduce Kakashi, it's teamwork).

- Kisame needs a medic, so Itachi kidnaps the Hokage's apprentice. Unfortunately, he kidnaps Sakura while she's harvesting the rare and very potent Sex Weed, and drags her to their camp before he realizes what that weird feeling in his dick is. Fortunately (or maybe not) Sakura is well-versed in healing sex.
- Sakura ends up haunted by Itachi and Kisame. Everyone can see their ghosts, which is a textbook sign of an unfulfilled soulbond. Her choices are clear--fuck them back to life, or let them fade. (The choice she makes should be fucking them back to life, if you're curious)

- Sakura's bored, so she gives the Impure World Rebirth Jutsu a try. Only she doesn't include a target or a sacrifice, and ends up with a very startled ghost who's been waiting in the spirit world to chat with his son for nearly twenty years. And no way to get rid of him, because he's bound to her soul. GHOST SEX WOULD BE GOOD. Ghost sex that turns into living person sex as fucking Sakura floods Sakumo with life, also good.

- Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura just can't seem to get the vital synergy needed for the true power of teamwork. Reluctantly, Kakashi turns to an old training method for aligning chakra energies: Team orgies. Unfortunately, he forgot Naruto's ninja way: "Anything worth doing is worth doing a couple dozen times, with clones." But he never ever knew about Inner Sakura, so that part can hardly be blamed on him.
- Accidental group soulbond. They were trying to bring Sasuke back, but now he's in their heads, and they're in his, and he's still in Sound. Which means that Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto can see right into Kakashi's super fucked up fantasies about the three of them beating him in a fight and then raping him with clones. And Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto all suddenly realize that Sakura is a seething ball of repressed lust and rage who likes pain. Her own, other people's, it's all good. And that Naruto has literally fucked himself, fucked himself as a girl, gangbanged himself while male and female, and once turned himself into a girl in order to get a very drunk Jiraiya to fuck him. And Sasuke really wants Orochimaru to fuck him. (These are all suggestions that I welcome you to change. I'm mostly thinking "Group soulbond, turns out that they all have super fucked up fantasies, and they can't even fake being appalled at each other's fantasies because they're actually turned on. And then they fuck.")

- Sakura moves in with Kakashi when her apartment's pipes crack. Kakashi considers protesting, but never quite gets around to it. He only has one bed, but she's right when she says teammates share.
- Breeding for the village. Kakashi's thinking of retiring, and the Hokage would really like him to retire into parenthood. Sakura is single enough, right? (Post-canon or post-canon AU where Sasuke/Sakura wasn't a thing, your choice).

- The real reason I wanted were-cock and fisting! I love drunk sex, one up manship during sex, improbable insertions, and chakra used to pornographic effect for these two.

- Orochimaru is fascinated by Kisame's gills. And claspers.
- No Massacre AU - Orochimaru wants to do some stamina tests (he says. Kisame's pretty sure he's not taking notes). Kisame wants a new partner (he says. Orochimaru's pretty sure he doesn't mean it.)

Prompt 2

Medium: Fanfiction
Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage
Hatake Sakumo/Orochimaru

Drinking Games, Shapeshifting Seducer, Friends With Benefits, Friends to Lovers, Self-Sacrifice/Enduring Rape to Protect Friend/Lover/Family, Sex for Warmth, Sex Pollen, Drunk Sex, Drugged Sex, Marriage of Convenience, Group Soulbonds, Accidental Soul Bond, Accidental Marriage, Gang Rape, Femdom, Make Up/Reconciliation Sex, Mpreg, Sex Bets, Coercion by Identity Deception

- I like creeper amoral Orochimaru who earnestly loves Jiraiya and Tsunade and is willing to do anything--up to and including using shapeshifting, 'accidentally' soulbonding himself to them, marriage, bearing their children, and drinking games that lead to the previous four--to get them back into Konoha after they leave. (Hey, they left for kids, right? They'd come back for more kids! Their kids. Their kids that he implanted into himself without telling anyone.) Obviously, the ideal scenario here is that he succeeds, and gets his teammates back, and into his bed. And maybe typing him down and fucking him stupid as repayment for manipulating them like that.
- Confused and drunk Jiraiya who can't quite shake the feeling that there's something really, really familiar about this whore (The whore is Tsunade, and also not a whore, but is definitely seducing Jiraiya because she's really lonely and he's easy) and also that the walls seem to be moving (the walls are Orochimaru, who is also very lonely). Or Orochimaru and Tsunade could both be pretending to be prostitutes to seduce Jiraiya, and just coincidentally picking the same night to do it.
-Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya are all married to each other. Multiple times over, in multiple countries. All of them insist that it's totally meaningless, but they utterly refuse to get divorced. They only have fantastic threesome sex when they've been drinking or it's really cold outside, and that's only because Orochimaru is unbelievably bitchy in the cold. It's not like they're married-married, so it's totally not weird that they're getting hitched again.

- Tsunade, who always seems to have money, in spite of losing every bet she's ever made (the money is Orochimaru--lol, no, I'm joking). The money is from healing random Konoha ninja she runs into, 95% of whom are Orochimaru and whatever team he's on. Somehow, no one is never bleeding when Orochimaru tracks her down and pays her a month's salary to heal a sprained ankle. Very coincidence. She always insists that he spends the night so she can ensure he's healing properly. By fucking him. (If you want to write this as happening after the end of the Orochimaru/OMCs plot, I will be filled with glee forever.)

- Orochimaru gets stuck on a mission with Sakumo, who is nice and all, but obviously not Tsunade or Jiraiya. Temperatures plummet, Orochimaru takes a long fall into a shallow stream of ice-cold water, and Sakumo warms him up from the inside out (by fucking him, in case that wasn't clear).
- Sakumo gets dosed with some kind of super-strong sex pollen, and Orochimaru begrudgingly offers his body to help Sakumo through it. And by begrudgingly, I mean that Orochimaru is secretly super eager and trying to hide it...or maybe that he really, really doesn't want to, but he endures and eventually enjoys it. I like both. Both are good!
- Jiraiya asks Orochimaru to keep an eye on Sakumo because he's worried that Sakumo might do something stupid. Orochimaru treats the request like an infiltration mission.

- The first thing Orochimaru does after he goes missing-nin is hunt down Jiraiya, drag him somewhere no one will find them, and beg him to fuck him. Or sex pollen. Or both sex pollen and begging to be fucked!
- Jiraiya tells Orochimaru that he's pretty. Orochimaru likes being told that he's pretty

Prompt 3

Medium: Fanfiction
Orochimaru/Original Male Character(s)
Gang Rape, Rough Sex, Self-Sacrifice/Enduring Rape to Protect Friend/Lover/Family, Torture, Sex Pollen

- Orochimaru getting gangraped by original male characters in order to protect his teammates
- Orochimaru offers his body for Tsunade or Jiraiya's safety
- Orochimaru was gang raped and tortured during the first war, and then spent decades trying to replicate the experience until he gave up and went back in time to relive it for real. Bonus points for murdering his rapists at the end.

One Piece

Medium: Fanart, Medium: Fanfiction
Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, No Archive Warnings Apply
Dracule Mihawk/Portgas D. Ace
Dracule Mihawk/Perona/Roronoa Zoro

Ghost Sex, Prison Sex, Bodyswap, Stranded Sex, Sex for Warmth, Captivity, Accidental Soul Bond, Caretaking, Comfort Sex, gratitude sex, Rescue Sex, Fisting, Fucklicking, Trapped in a Small Space, Magical Healing/Resurrecting Cock, Group Soulbonds, Bondage, Sex Pollen

Everything I’ve tagged can be applied to any pairing I've prompted, regardless if they'd have to be gender flipped, dead, impregnated, or given new genitals, to make the tag work.

- They have a threeway soul bond that necessitates them fucking. For the good of their souls.
-Mihawk decides to dress them better, because no students of his will ever be clad in polyester. The unexpected side effect of destroying their inferior clothes, though, is a severe clothing shortage on laundry day--as he discovers when he finds Zoro and Perona doing laundry naked.
-Perona and Zoro pay rent with their bodies. Mihawk suggested it to make them to leave him alone, and they took him way more seriously than he expected.
-The ten-year bloom of black roses happens while Mihawk is off island at a meeting with the World Government. When he returns, he finds Zoro and Perona sex-pollened out of their minds and desperate for his cock.
-Mihawk makes Zoro get on his knees and eat Perona out while he fucks her.
- Ghost sex. Perona's ghosts can induce lust instead of depression. And Perona likes to use them on Zoro while Mihawk is watching, just to watch him squirm--which she gets away with until one of her ghosts misses and hits Mihawk instead.

- Ace's tiny ship capsizes, and he can't pull himself up--Luckily, Mihawk finds him and saves his life. Which Ace expresses much gratitude for, using the medium of sexual favours. On Mihawk's also tiny ship.
- The World Government decides that Mihawk is insufficiently loyal and toss him into Impel Down, directly across from Ace. Prison sex, prison rape, rescue sex, or escaping from Impel Down and being free celebration sex?
- Mihawk has no idea why Portgas D. Ace is sex-haunting him, but he can't help but notice that Ace grows more solid every time they fuck

One-Punch Man

Medium: Fanfiction
Mumen Rider | License-less Rider/Saitama

Self-Sacrifice/Enduring Rape to Protect Friend/Lover/Family, Gang Rape, Fisting, Raped by Monsters, Rape & Rescue, Stomach Bulge, Come Inflation, Bruises, Tentacles, Size Kink, Xeno, Double Penetration in One Hole, Outdoor Sex, Sex Pollen, Knotting, Person Thinks They Can't Say No To Sex

Everything I’ve tagged can be applied to any pairing I've prompted, regardless if they'd have to be gender flipped, dead, impregnated, or given bonus clones to make the tag work.

- When Saitama was training, he ran into a pack of monsterous beasts that were too strong for him to defeat.
- The reason Genos lived through his village being destroyed is because the Cyborg wanted to fuck him. Or his village was destroyed by a rampaging pack of tentacle beasts.
- Mumen Rider doesn't back down, even when he really should. And by the time he thinks to run, it's much too late.
- Mumen Rider is determined to protect the citizens, even if it means sacrificing his body. Publicly, while the people he's trying to save film it on their phones.
- Sonic is hunting Saitama when he is caught by wolf-monsters that want to make him their bitch.

I think the list of prompts is pretty indicative of what I'd be delighted to receive for Monsters/Any. The plot can be non-existent, I'm here for monster rape. If you want to end it with whatever character it is killing all of the monsters, being rescued, abandoned because the monsters get bored, or becoming the monster's sex slave permanently, all of those are great endings.

Mumen Rider/Saitama
- Mumen Rider is very grateful to Saitama, which is why he he agrees to let Saitama fuck him. Saitama's not in his right mind when he asks, though. (Sex pollen, bruises, person thinks they can't say no?).
- Saitama saves Mumen Rider from the Any/Monster prompts above, and discovers Mumen Rider is still affected by their sex pollen abilities, even though he's already fucked raw and leaking monster come. Saitama tries to satisfy Mumen Rider with his fingers, but he keeps begging for more. (Fisting!)
- Saitama leaves Mumen Rider covered in bruises when they fuck.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Medium: Fanart, Medium: Fanfiction

Knotting, Rape, Anal Training, Xeno, Breeding Kink, Come Inflation, Cages, Captivity, Sex With Prisoner, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Non-Consensual Bestiality, Bondage, Chains, Non-Human Genitalia

Look, this is a blatant excuse for the filthiest porn imaginable starring the Beast.

Not Adam, Beast. Furry, inhuman Beast.

Gaston came after Belle alone and Beast stuck him in the dungeon where he becomes their sex toy? Yes.
Belle as Beast's willing and enthusiastic breeding bitch? Yes.
Gaston as Beast's reluctant and crying breeding bitch? Yes.
Belle training Gaston to please Beast? Yes.
Beast's (enormous) bestial cock knotting Belle to him while Gaston watches from a cage in the corner of their bedroom? Yes.
And then after he's finished with her, he fucks Gaston while Belle watches? And they force Gaston to lick his come out of her? Yeah. That sounds good too.

Give me filth.

Original Work

Prompt 1

Medium: Fanfiction
Paladin/Evil God
Male Dragon Shapeshifter/Male Dragon Rider
Prince/Tavern Patrons

Gangbang, Gang Rape, Size Kink, Large Cock, Sex Magic, Come Inflation, Stomach Bulge, Gender or Sex Swap, Rape, Tentacles, Xeno, Shapeshifting, Knotting, Double Penetration in One Hole, Anal Fisting, Anal Gaping, Size Difference, Public Use, sex slaves

Rape? And then more rape. This is a non-consensual request all the way down. Though some of the prompts are consensual-ish, and I'm totally okay with any interpretation of them, it's a hard sell to label any of them as consensual. If gender isn't specified, feel free to pick.

Okay, I'm not sure any of these really need prompts or anything like that, but here's a few thoughts.

- Human merchant trips into Orc's pit trap, has to agree to trade their body for a hand up
- Orc slave bought by size queen Human
- Gladiator vs. Gladiator, loser gets fucked by winner in the ring before being tied down for the audience's use

- Fleeing an arranged marriage with a red-headed viking, Damsel Robin Loxsley heads into the dark forest with her dowry in tow. As night falls, though, she runs into a magnificent specimen of a red-headed highwayman (...and his crew?), who demands her bags, dress, and body. (Feel free to switch genders as you please)
- There's a savage band of highwaymen about, and the Sheriff is determined to catch them. Unfortunately, one of them find him/her first.
- The leader of the Lumberjack Anarchists never expected to run into the mysterious thief that stole his/her mother's magic axe, much less find them atoning for their crimes in the Plaza of Punishment (with their body! Public use.)

Male Dragon Shapeshifter/Male Dragon Rider
- The heat comes unexpectedly, when they are far away from the queen's neutralizing pheromones. To prevent a rampage, the rider must submit.
- The rider has forced the dragon into its weakest form and bound him in it. To tame a dragon, one must ride a dragon.
- Dragons pick their riders from the ones who survive the first mating
(feel free to add monster cock of any variety to this one)

Paladin/Evil God
- The paladin is the temple's annual sacrifice to Droga of Many Cocks. Trained since childhood to defeat him, he/she is nevertheless terrified to enter the Phallus Temple and battle the God of All Dicks.
- The paladin has not slept in many days, haunted by terrifying dreams of a monster that wants inside them. But no one can keep from sleeping forever.
- The evil god has been imprisoned for many, many years in a bottle displayed prominently in the Temple's relic room. The paladin is kind of clumsy.

- The king isn't going to pay them for their services. He sent his least favourite son to tell them that.
- The prince must retake the throne from his uncle, but the mercenaries are unwilling to work for free. Luckily for him, he's a very pretty prince.
- The coup d'etat was successful, and as a reward to the hardworking mercenaries who made it so, the new king gives them the freshly enslaved children of the previous king, naked and bound in chains.

Prince/Tavern Patrons
- This kingdom's version of Townhall Meetings involves the ruler's children being sent to drinking houses for the use of the citizens. The prince just turned (16, 17, 18, 19, your choice), and it's finally his turn to provide open and honest service to the citizens he will one day rule.
- The prince sneaks out at night, disguising himself as a poor commoner to see how the other side lives. Or at least, how the spoiled only child of a king thinks a commoner dresses, as interpreted through a wardrobe of the finest fabrics and tailoring. He is recognized immediately, and plied with booze. Lots of booze. So much that he's only semi-conscious when the tavern patrons start stealing his fine clothes.

Prompt 2

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rape/Non-Con
Medium: Fanfiction

Desert Nomad/Oasis Spirit
Sex Magic, Magical Healing/Resurrecting Cock, Healing Sex, Tentacles, Aphrodisiacs, Sex Pollen, Bestiality, Xeno, Rape & Rescue, Raped by Monsters, gratitude sex, Fucked Raw, Come Inflation, Object Penetration, Stomach Bulge, Fisting, Bathing/Washing, Bottoming Out, Bondage, Alternate Universe - Dark Fantasy

The Desert Nomad/Oasis Spirit has been sparking my interest since I first saw it. That's why it's getting a special prompt all by itself.

Ideally, the Desert Nomad is human-shaped, and the Oasis Spirit is either vaguely monstrous or exerts control over the water of the oasis that allows it to make fuck-doubles/monsters/a plethora of cocks/tentacles to fuck the Desert Nomad with.

And they...fuck the Desert Nomad? I'm a little shaky on plot here. And unsure if any is needed.

-The Nomad is a former slave, and nearly dead from dehydration, the Oasis Spirit injects them with fluids to rehydrate them.
- Desert Nomad just got robbed, raped, and left for dead--maybe even actually dead!--when the Oasis Spirit wakes up and decides they want to fuck them back to life.
- The Nomad is just really, really lost.
- The pack of demons/bandits picked the wrong oasis to drag their prey to.

Prompt 3

Medium: Fanfiction
No Archive Warnings Apply, Rape/Non-Con

Original Couple/Their Bed Come to Life to Fuck Them
Male Character/Animated Bed
Female Character/Animated Bed

Furniture Coming to Life and Fucking People, Size Kink, Bondage, Stomach Bulge, Tentacles

The bed comes to life and fucks him, her, or them. Pillows writhe against their skin, sheets tie them down, mattress springs surge up like padded tentacles to fuck them, and the pillow cases squirm free from the pillows to gag them.

Full set of tags I prompted for Smut Swap:
Feel free to use any of them anywhere.
Group SoulbondsRapeBondageRival SexSex for WarmthSex Bets
Somebody's Genitalia Just Got An UpgradeNon-Consensual BestialityFriends With BenefitsRape & RescueMake Up/Reconciliation SexSex With Prisoner
Self-Sacrifice/Enduring Rape to Protect Friend/Lover/FamilyShapeshiftingAccidental MarriageBreeding KinkHealing Sexsex slaves
XenoShapeshifting SeducerRedemption SexNon-Human GenitaliaCagesDrugged Sex
KnottingAccidental Soul BondRaped by MonstersSex MagicSize DifferenceCoercion by Identity Deception
BestialityRough SexSex PollenAnal FistingMpregGhost Sex
GangbangSize KinkChainsFemdomMagical Healing/Resurrecting CockSex Toys
Drinking GamesSex as a Teambuilding ExerciseLarge CockTentaclesSeductionMarriage of Convenience
Gang RapeEnemies With BenefitsFriends to LoversSexual Mad ScienceBruises 
Furniture Coming to Life and Fucking PeopleFistingTorturePerson Thinks They Can't Say No To SexCaptivity 
Gender or Sex SwapOutdoor SexStomach BulgeCome InflationPublic Use 
Double Penetration in One HoleAnal TrainingWere-cock (growing a cock on the night of the full moon)Anal GapingDrunk Sex 


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