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If you don’t like my prompts, but do like something I list here, I welcome mixing and matching my list of likes, tags, and prompts to basically all the pairings I’ve prompted.

I am way more interested in getting fic or art that you find really hot and fun than fic or art you did to exactly match a prompt I gave.

100% of my pairings and tags are good for art or fic, and I will consider myself incredibly lucky to have either. ;)

Final Note: I do want all of the things I've prompted below pretty equally. Mad Max and One Piece are longest because I did them first, not because I want them most (also, I wanted so many potential pairings!). Naruto is an itch that can be sated with essentially the same scenarios over and over (sex pollen, clone sex, forced to breed, that kind of thing--I am a simple soul at heart), and Haven I love, but only really wanted one pairing for.

-First and second person POV
-Character Bashing
-Permanent Mutilation
-Characters discussing consent at length prior to sex / safe words / really formal dominance and submission stuff. Not my kink. (Like, if there's 500 words of characters discussing permutations of their potential future sex, hell no. An exchange like: "Hey--you wanna--?" "Yes!" is perfectly fine)

I like this stuff in fic and art:
-the canon setting
-Time travel
-Peggy sues
-slice of life
-friends with benefits
-casual sex with friends
-characters being happily in love
-hate sex that’s secretly like-sex
-touch starvation (where appropriate)
-ghost stories (ghooooost seeeeeeex)
-creepy stories
-rape, dub-con
-rape recovery (especially with healing cock)
-breeding (not pregnancy, the impregnating. Pregnancy fine, but not hot)
-stranded in snow storm/desert island/inside a whale/in a box
-strangers meeting, having sex, and then discovering that they’re enemies or rivals
-exhausted, worked-down-to-the-bone characters getting some TLC
-lavish descriptions of beddings
-sex for warmth
-graphic torture
-mind control that gets broken eventually
-healing cock (both the parody of magical healing cock and the earnest ‘heal your trauma with a dick’ variety)
-Sex pollen. I fucking love sex pollen.
-cracky scenarios developed solely for porn. Futanari as an STD? Yes, please.
-unexpected gender swap
-body swap

I like this stuff in art:
-Size kink! I love it in fic, but it works so awesomely in art that it’s like my number #1 fanart favorite. Includes come inflation, large cocks, large objects, large sex toys, fisting, and size difference.
-bright colour palettes
-sepia colour palettes
-ink drawings? I’m not sure that’s the right term, but Inktober was a really enjoyable month for me on Tumblr.
-comics (if I could be so lucky!)
-I don't know if post-sex cuddling or post-sex mutual contemplative naked ceiling watching is smutty enough, but I definitely like that kind of art.
-Scenery porn (One Piece and Mad Max in exquisitely dramatic natural settings. Naruto and Haven has the opportunity for the same. I love fanart that makes use of that--vast night skies, misty shores, foreboding forests, badass cars, ocean sunsets, snowy mountains, golden sand dunes, tropical forests, gorgeous tall ships--it seems unfair to request this in a smut swap, but if you like doing it anyway and can work it in, I’ll love it)



Tags: Developing Relationship, Comfort Sex, Quiet Sex, Sex for Warmth, Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen, Bets & Wagers, Friends to Lovers, Lazy/Gentle Sex, Size Difference, Size Kink, Sex Toys

Duke Crocker/Dwight Hendrickson - Not going to lie to you, my primary desire here is Duke/Someone Who is Nice to Him. Also, Dwight is both super steady and ridiculously attractive. I love Nathan and Audrey (please don't villainize them!), but sometimes I just want Duke to get some nice, uncomplicated affection. And Dwight to get human contact on a more personal level than he usually allows.

I see them as being sort-of-friends who fall into bed because they're craving something uncomplicated, and then have surprising fantastic sex. Or Duke flirting a bit aimlessly because his life has fallen to shit (pick any point in canon!), and being surprised and intrigued when Dwight flirts back. Also, there's a giant back tattoo and issues with the Guard if you want to bring in clothed sex and secret-keeping. :D

-Dwight gets stuck on Duke's boat for a week because of a trouble, and boredom poker devolved into boredom sex that ended up surprisingly affectionate.
-Duke gets lost in the woods, and then found by Dwight. And he's cold. Really cold. He definitely needs to be warmed up with Dwight's massive (and gorgeous) body.
-Sex pollen trouble, Dwight's the first one infected and Duke helps him out.
-Duke falls out of the barn into Dwight's bed. Or van. Or the bed that Dwight keeps in the back of his van. Or really anywhere close to Dwight where Dwight is the first one to find him.

Mad Max:

Immortan Joe/Max Rockatansky
The Splendid Angharad/Max Rockatansky
Nux/Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky/War Boy(s)
The Organic Mechanic/Max Rockatansky
The Splendid Angharad/Capable (Mad Max)

Gang Rape
Size Kink
Nipple/Breast Play
Sex for Warmth
Sexual Dysfunction
Sex Toys
Object Insertion
Medical Kink
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Dream Sex
healing cock
Non-Consensual Voyeurism
Gun Kink
Come Inflation

Everything I’ve tagged can be applied to any pairing I've prompted, regardless if they'd have to be gender flipped, impregnated, or given bonus clones to make the tags make sense.

Additionally, any individual section of a prompt is fine on its own or in combination with the rest of it. I do not expect you to do every sub-tag of a prompt.

My chief request is to make it filthy, creepy, angsty, weird, funny, violent, or hot. Max Mad isn't a canon I want fluff from.

Max/Warboys - When he's captured!
--punitive gangbangs?
--Or drugging him into liking it. (sex pollen!)
--Max unwillingly liking being touched because it's been so long, but the Warboys being incapable of gentle, and also seeing Max as a thing for them to fuck.
--Fists, objects, dildos made out of old tires, double penetration, size kink

Nux/Warboys - How about Nux getting punished for his failures as a warboy? (With Gangrape!)
--Or rewarded for his successes! (With Gangbangs!)
--If you're going to do this during canon I'm pretty sure the wives end up recaptured, so if you want them watching, A+ (Non-consensual voyeurism!)
--Max could be right next to him and getting gangbanged too. (Max/Warboys!)
--fists, objects, wrenches, dildos, object insertion, double penetration, more than double, size kink

Nux/Max - Max has a new ghost, and that ghost is a kinky slut. I tragically forgot to nominate ghost sex, so we're going with dream sex here.
--Slightly creepy dead Nux in Max's dreams (dream sex!)
--Nux is so cold and he just wants Max to warm him up (sex for warmth!), and Max wakes up each night feeling colder and colder--
--or Max actually successfully fucks Nux to life in dreams! (healing cock? In dreams!)
--ooooor in real life. If Max is hallucinating Nux's ghost while fucking Nux's fresh corpse (or mummified corpse) that he then healing cocks into vitality...that actually sounds awesome. (Healing cock, necrophilia, dream sex?)

Prior to canon Max runs into Nux and Slit on the war path, and Slit misses a jump and gets lost fairly early on. Nux catches up and then they fuck
--on the hood of Max's car
--because they drove into a toxic waste spill that sex pollens them into needing to (sex pollen!)
--Max forces Nux face-down over the hood of his car and fucks him with a shotgun/pistol (gun kink!)
--Because Max can't get aroused even though he's desperately hot for it (sexual dysfunction!)
--Nux thinking that they're having fun, Max thinking that he's forcing Nux into it (Rape! or dub con. One of the two.)
--Fisting? Or finger fucking. (fisting! Or fingerfucking)
--Max escapes, only to get caught by a larger band of war boys a couple of weeks later. He keeps waiting for Nux to recognize him, but Nux never got a good look at him.

The Organic Mechanic/Max - Genitals Ok? Organic Mechanic is a man of science, and he'd never write such a thing without checking! (Rape! And Torture!)
--by giving Max a really invasive exam (medical kink!)
--trying to arouse him and failing (sexual dysfunction! Lol. Of a sort. Looking for the humiliation of Max not wanting to be aroused, but also ashamed of not being able to get hard.)
--sex pollening him into arousal anyway (sex pollen!)
--And fucking him! (Rape!)

Immortan Joe/Max - Max touched his wives. Max shouldn't have touched his wives.
--Max sacrificing himself so that the wives can get away!
--Max getting caught with the wives! (Non-consensual voyeurism)
--Furiosa's (and Nux's? And wives?) furious rescue, complete with the biker grannies! And, if you love me, the wives tag-team killing Joe with bolt cutters while everyone else is distracted.
--Max being tied across the hood of a car and being forced to deep throat a massive dildo until he's on the verge of passing out! (Sex toys! Breathplay! Rape!)
--Burned with things! (Torture!)
--And fucked with a massive dildo!
--Joe fucking Max himself!
--And resorting to his fist when he can't finish! (Fisting!)

Angharad/Max - ....everything I put for the Nux ghost one. All of it or any of it, right down to fucking her bloody corpse back to life as her ghost urges him on.
Also: Angharad lives! And when Max tries to get away, insists that he stay.
--so that she can ride him/he can fuck her (Breast play, fingerfucking)
--while not pregnant with the intention of him making her pregnant! (Breeding! Come inflation? :)
--while pregnant with the intention of pissing off Joe's ghost to the max (Anything consensual from the list, including voyeurism from all other wives+Furiosa, sex toys, object insertion, fisting, come inflation, come play)

Angharad/Capable - Capable dreams of Angharad (Dream sex)
--The wives' quarters get cold at night (sex for warmth)
--After Joe, there's always Angharad (Anything from the list of tags, including come play if you want to make it really fucked up, which would be great)
--Angharad loves Capable almost as much as she hates Joe (Anything)

Naruto: Everything I’ve tagged can be applied to any pairing I've prompted, regardless if they'd have to be gender flipped, impregnated, or given bonus clones to make the tag work.



Double Penetration in One Hole
Size Kink
Teacher-Student Relationship
Multiple Penetration
Group Soulbonds
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
healing cock
Cock Slut
Come Inflation
Sex With Prisoner
Dubious Consent
Something Made Them Do It

Okay, so first things first, what I want most for Naruto-verse is filthy, filthy porn involving at least one of the tags I've listed, for one of the pairings listed in the canon universe.

I like missions gone wrong, exhausted people getting enforced and supervised vacations that end in porn, tragic gay ninjas being forced to breed for the village, clone sex, the enemy ninja whose primary attack is sex pollen, the allied ninja whose primary attack is sex pollen, challenging mighty rivals to ever great feats of 'taking it'...

And clones! Shit, the world needs more Naruto clone porn the same way it needs water. It needs it to act as a major heat and carbon sink for global warming (totally verified. Trust me, would someone on the internet lie to you?).

Group soulbonds is a tag. And it's something I never knew how much I needed until AO3 auto-filled it while I was trying to prompt gangbangs. Bless who ever nominated it. Anyway, group soulbonds means more than two. Obviously. If there's a pairing you want to add a third to in order to give me group soulbonds, you have my eternal okay. All 2+ groups are fair game. Please, give me the magnificent crack fic of my dreams.

Okay, Pairings!

Sakura/Kakashi - My first OTP, and eternally my jam. Fuck I love these two. Age her up, or don't, I don't give a fuck (actually I give a half-fuck: don't age her down). Sakura rescuing Kakashi from devilishly evil torturers of some variety, and healing him with her cock? Futanari? :D

Breeding for the village. Kakashi's hitting retirement age, and the village (Hokage?) would really like him to retire into parenthood. Sakura is single enough, right? And she'll need a guy who can stay home with the kids. (Post-canon or post-canon AU where Sasuke/Sakura wasn't a thing, your choice).

Itachi/Kisame - So tragic. So potentially hilarious. Itachi was 13 with really poor coping skills, Kisame was a shark with a tragic past, how did their partnership ever manage to work out in the beginning? Personally I'm hoping you answer that questions with sex pollen, chock full of delicious guilt on both their parts. (If you want to make Itachi older, that's fair game). Or something made them do it. (Kisame=size kink, right?)

Sakura/Ino - The real reason I wanted futanari! And fisting! Make it filthy. I love rivals to lovers, one up manship during sex, improbable insertions, chakra used to pornographic effect. Or best friends striking out at the bar and going home with each other, and having messy drunk sex on a sofa!

Sakura/Kisame - Size. Kink.

Sex with Prisoner (with size kink), Kisame captured and kept as a medical oddity--his teeth regrow, and they'd really be able to reduce dental costs if they could figure that one out. Does he really like her? Or is he just trying to get free? And does Sakura truly want him, or is it all an elaborate interrogation technique? Neither knows, and that's why it's so excellent!

Sakura/Kakashi/Sasuke/Naruto - Group soulbond. Accidental. They were trying to bring Sasuke back, but now he's in their heads, and they're in his. And it makes them fuck. (Age them up past 12. I care a little this time ;). And Kakashi is wracked with guilt over fucking his students. Delicious guilt. To be fair, he's too lazy to actually fuck them, and mostly lies back and lets them do whatever they want to his body. Give me Naruto and Kakashi fucking Sakura while Sasuke writhes in the distance, refusing to come back to Konoha, but unable to block them out. Or anything. Anything is also good.

Sakura/Ino/Kakashi - Sakura and Ino fighting over which of them is the better seductress using Kakashi as their target, Kakashi playing hard to get and enjoying it immensely? Eventually they have to use teamwork to seduce him! (Because let's be real, if there's anything that's going to seduce Kakashi, it's teamwork). Or literally anything. The thought of this threesome is super exciting to me. Group soulbond potential!

Kakashi/Gai - Mission gone wrong, and now they're infected with sex pollen. And quarantined with the instruction to work it out between themselves.

Sakura/Tsunade - Femdom and fisting with some student/teacher in there? IDK, I really want this, but I'm having trouble picturing exactly what it'd look like (other than hot). Call it training, with Sakura hyper-aware that this isn't normal? And that the PSAs all say she should report this to the Hokage--but she can't and she doesn't want to.

Sakura/Sasuke - I really want femdom and pegging for these two. Like really, really bad. I like broken, not able to express his desires Sasuke, hungry for affection even as he scorns and fears it, and exasperated, not-in-love Sakura. Sasuke can't believe she doesn't love him anymore, prods it like a sore tooth until it feels like the hole where her love is supposed to be is bleeding. ...okay, too much scene setting, I'm not writing it!

Anything with femdom! ;D

One Piece:
Everything I’ve tagged can be applied to any pairing I've prompted, regardless if they'd have to be gender flipped, impregnated, or given bonus clones to make the tag work.

Prompt 1:
Aokiji | Kuzan/Portgas D. Ace
Dracule Mihawk/Roronoa Zoro
Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks/Dracule Mihawk
Monkey D. Luffy/Silvers Rayleigh

Superpower Sex
Prison Sex
Size Kink
Size Difference
Sex Toys
healing cock
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Double Penetration in One Hole
Psychological Torture
rape & recovery
Dubious Consent
Come Inflation
Mind Control
Comfort Sex
Ice Play

Prompt 2:
Monkey D. Luffy/Nami
Nami/Roronoa Zoro
Perona/Roronoa Zoro
Nami/Trafalgar D. Water Law

Public Sex
Superpower Sex
Size Kink
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Come Inflation
Friends With Benefits
Friends to Lovers
Het Anal
Loss of Virginity
Sharing a Bed
Large Cock
Clothed Sex
Nipple/Breast Play

Prompt 3:
Dracule Mihawk/Perona/Roronoa Zoro

Double Penetration
Teacher-Student Relationship
Comfort Sex
Sex for Warmth
Role Reversal
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Sharing a Bed


I like everything in the tags both individually and in combination with each other, and I'm also super enthusiastic for any and all smut fic/art for these pairings. All prompts are intended as any/all options with regard to kinks. I love all One Piece characters, especially all the Strawhats, and I DNW character bashing.

Shanks/Mihawk - I adore this pairing! They are ridiculously cute in chapter 96, and I ship it hard. Kinks I'd particularly like for this one are rape and recovery, torture, sex pollen, sex toys, size kink, healing cock, mind control aftermath and recovery, comfort sex, and honestly, a really high level of h/c on either an emotional or physical level.

I like the idea that they don't see each other frequently, but they trust each other a lot, and a Mihawk who really, really likes Shanks, and grumpily denies it.

-Mihawk ends up in rough shape after running into a pirate or marine with some kind of devil fruit that allows them to mind control other people. He eventually murders them into smithereens, but only after at least a week (would not object to months!) of whatever torture/mind-breaking you want to write in. And then he goes to visit Shanks, and manages to be super prickly and defensive until Shanks wrangles him into some reassuring comfort sex.
(Mind control aftermath & recovery, rape and recovery, torture, sex pollen/drug-induced, sex toys, size kink if you want, or heading straight into (metaphorical) healing cock and comfort sex. Hurt or comfort or both are all good.)

-Shanks thinks of Mihawk as a barn cat. But a really large, human one who wanders in to get sex instead of food, before leaving as abruptly as he came. When Mihawk plants down and decides to steal 3/4ths of Shanks' bed for a week, Shanks knows something must be wrong.

Maybe Mihawk has fled Zoro and Perona and is sulking, or he's unhappy for some other reason (I'm okay with basically anything. And yes, this could be the other prompt from Shank's POV ;)

-Shanks visits Mihawk during the timeskip. Shanks tries to interrogate Zoro about Luffy, Perona tries to interrogate Shanks and crew about Moria, and Mihawk wishes Shanks would pay attention to him instead of the foolish children he's been saddled with. And that the foolish children would remember that he exists. (...any kinks? I'm really down with silly comfort sex here)

Aokiji/Ace or Kuzan/Ace - I'm not choosing these two only for their completely opposite power sets! They also both nap a lot. Similarities.

-There is a supremely hot comic where Aokiji interrogates prisoner Ace in Impel Down by way of fucking him over a table, while Ace is in chains. It's super out of character for Aokiji, but it is id candy to the nth degree. Size difference, size kink, sex toys, rape, dub-con, devil fruit-use in sex--all good.

-Timeskip fic where Ace lives and Kuzan still leaves the Marines. Maybe Whitebeard dies and Ace leaves his crew out of guilt. Anyway, they run into each other and have psuedo-anonymous sex where they pretend they don't recognize each other. Maybe one of them actually doesn't. Size difference, size kink, sex toys.

-Ace runs into Aokiji who has been shot with a seastone bullet or something and is clinging to a melting ice flow as he slowly stains it red. Ace decides to tow the ice flow to land because Aokiji doesn't fit on his tiny boat. And then decides not to take the bullet out. Smut where Ace is in control, or where Aokiji digs the bullet out himself and then ice bondages Ace and then fucks him with an overly large ice dildo while Ace squirms and tries to overcome Aokiji's overwhelming Haki.

Luffy/Rayleigh - So, uh...Rayleigh is smoking hot. And I have a thing for "you remind me of a dead person who I loved" sex.

-Comfort sex where Rayleigh thinks he's comforting Luffy over Ace, but it's a lot more mutual with Luffy comforting him over Roger and missed opportunities with Ace in the end. Wordlessly. With his body. Shhhh, just fuck the younger and alive edition of your captain, Silver Fox Rayleigh.

-Dub-con where one of them is unexpectedly super pushy and the other isn't quite on board with the idea! Of Luffy? Of Rayleigh? I could see it for both. Surprise me! \o/

-Sex Pollen. Accidental sex pollen or haki training with sex pollen? A test that Luffy fails so, so bad first try.

Mihawk/Zoro- All the kinks, please. All of them. I adore the power imbalance between them, the position it puts Zoro it, the potential for abuse--so good.

-Prostitution! Zoro's got to pay for those greatest swordsman lessons somehow, and Mihawk would prefer he did it on his back.

-Mihawk has issues about letting people close, but Zoro gets inside Mihawk's fuck-off barrier and Mihawk can't help himself--a massage here, a foot rub there, tying Zoro up and sucking him off, making him share Mihawk's bed because Mihawk only has two and Perona took the other know, minor abuses of power like that.

Nami/Luffy - I love this pairing! I like them with a minimum of angst, lots of mutual appreciation, and both of them being pretty casual about the relationship, but it maybe slowly deepening over time.

-There's not a lot of privacy on Going Merry/Thousand Sunny. Nami and Luffy make do frequently (Voyeurism or public sex! Come Inflation would be great if you're into that, too. Preferably super casual, them moving from making out to fucking in the corner at parties, or in the men's room, or on deck, doing it fully clothed except a few adjustments for access. Crew watching!)

-Nami's a thief at heart. She wants Luffy, so she takes him. (Anything you want to mix in--Looking for Nami taking the lead and seducing oblivious Luffy until he very suddenly gets it.)

-Luffy and Nami get stranded on Sex Pollen Island and enthusiastically bang it out in the very mutual understanding that they're friends, and friends help friends when friends both accidentally breathed in sex weed pollen. (sex pollen, size kink (Luffy can probably inflate his dick. Just saying.), come inflation, superpowers sex, and whatever else from the tags I prompted.)

Nami/Zoro - I love the fuck buddies dynamic for them, but also like friends to lovers. I like them more friendly than passionately in love, but also super hot for each other's bodies.

-Nami taking Zoro on surveying jobs to help map out the islands they visit, and also find secluded spots to fuck. Zoro likes to come inside her and then fingerfuck it back out of her. Nami likes it when he pounds her into the wall, or fucks her ass, worships her breasts with his mouth, or gets on his knees and licks his own come out of her pussy so that her panties will stay clean on the walk back.

-Zoro gets injured protecting Nami back in East Blue. She's really, really grateful that he helped--so grateful that she wants to let him fuck her. Unfortunately, Zoro is shy. (I love flustered Zoro.)

-Zoro gets hit with sex pollen right after Alabasta, and there's no way that Nami's going to let that untrustworthy Robin take care of her crew mate--especially not since she volunteered! Of course, when Chopper shoves her into the women's room with a jug of lube and she hears the door slam shut behind her, Nami might have second thoughts. But if she does, they're too late! Cream pies, epic length fucking, Zoro apologizing earnestly while Nami is trying super hard to hide how close she is, the jug getting good use, unexpected anal, one or both as virgins, all of their crewmates listening in/peeking, Robin whispering advice in Zoro or Nami's ears--pick any or all!

Perona/Zoro - I like their squabbling and fighting, and am very intrigued by the two year time skip they spent together.

-Mihawk is into austerity. He has three books, two of which are in a language neither Perona nor Zoro have ever seen, he's threatened to kill them if they drink his wine, and there's one chessboard that's missing the white pieces. Perona and Zoro are ridiculously bored by month two. So bored that they decide to play...uh...heterosexual chicken? Like gay chicken, but not gay. And since neither can back down from a challenge, it becomes a full-blown sexual encounter of the "ARE YOU GIVING IN YET?" variety as both secretly flail at how they absolutely have to win, but they're so embarrassed at what they're doing (I would not say no to both being virgins). And it goes way, way too far. Groping. Oral. Intense eye contact while slow penetration occurs. Pulling out and going for anal. Creampies. Unexpectedly athletic positions. Ghosts as sexual aids. Fisting Zoro while trying to get him to cave. Mihawk walking in. That kind of stuff.

-Zoro and Perona have to share a bed. Perona manages to kick him out for the first couple months, but then he demands that she either share or give him the bed, because his back's killing him or something (IDK, make it up). Turns out Zoro's a sleep cuddler, and from the length of his morning wood pressed against her ass, he's got a really, really big dick. Perona is unwillingly intrigued.

Nami/Law - Use Law's devil fruit. Please.

-Body swap them
-Have Law loan her his cock so she can fuck him with it--or so she can fuck herself with it.

Mihawk/Perona/Zoro - I ship these three hard. They're on their own because I ran out of room in my other two One Piece prompts, but they're also the OT3 of my heart. I tagged for some kinky stuff up there, but literally anything is my true request.

-Mihawk gets a minor injury (not life threatening) that affects his mobility somehow (broken wrist, bad ankle sprain dislocated shoulder, w/e), and he's surprised to find Zoro and Perona are very worried about him, and determined to ensure that he doesn't have to do anything until he's better. Though he'd appreciate it more if either one knew what they were doing, or if they ever stopped squabbling.

-Mihawk doesn't see why he should only train one when there's two, and so decides to train Perona. Perona likes it (and Mihawk) way more than she thought she would. He's pretty cute for an old guy. The bad news is that he can feel her ghosts watching him. The really bad news is that he lets her get away with it for a week of watching him and Zoro get changed, bathe, and sleep before he asks her what is it she finds so interesting.

-Mihawk dresses them better, because no students of his will ever be clad in polyester. The unexpected side effect of destroying their inferior clothes, though, is a severe clothing shortage on laundry day--as he discovers when he finds Zoro and Perona doing laundry naked.

-Perona and Zoro pay rent with their bodies. Mihawk suggested it as a joke, and they took him way more seriously than he expected.

-The ten-year bloom of black roses happens while Mihawk is off island at a meeting with the World Government. When he returns, he finds Zoro and Perona sex-pollened out of their minds and desperate for his cock help.

-Mihawk makes Zoro get on his knees and eat Perona out while he fucks her. (Fucklicking)

All prompts aside, what was Perona doing for two years? Why did Mihawk let them stay? Did he take them out on supply trips? On his tiny boat, and if so, how did that work? Did he buy them new clothes? Did they eat meals together, or sleep together? Did Mihawk's abandoned castle have heating or running water?


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