May. 29th, 2017

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This is still a placeholder letter. I'll get actual prompts out by Monday, but until then, it's safe to assume that I like my non-con like I like my coffee: in every possible configuration from black to tiramisu. It is my favourite trope ever, and you would have to try very hard to make me not like it.

This hasn't been a placeholder in weeks. Shit. I completely forgot to delete that bit. My bad?

Modern or Mundane AUs
First and second person POV
Character bashing
Animal abuse (Doesn't include Don't Starve. Or bestiality, for that matter)
Underage with characters under 13
Betrayal of partners/teammates/friends (unless canonical...or requested)

Stuff I always like:
The tags I requested! Feel free to use tag for any ship in any fandom
Canon AUs, for-want-of-a-nail, and time travel
Sex Pollen. 24/7 A-Okay, Yes, Please.
Violence, gore, mutilation, graphic torture, dehumanization
Unhappy endings, happy endings, unsettlingly weird endings
H/C, no H/C, H/c
Snuff, necrophilia, horror, body horror
Something made them do it
Ghost sex
Inanimate objects becoming animate and horny
Monsters, xeno, breeding
Public use/very public violation
Rescue fic


Naruto! I love these idiot ninja and their tragic backstories a ridiculous amount. The found family and teamwork narratives are absolutely one of my favourite things in it. I love the unquestioning loyalty that should really be questioned, sacrificing themselves for their team...yes indeed. Naruto is iddy as fuck.

And I mean, it's not canon that they do prostitution missions, but no one says they don't! And then there's always losing a fight, or a mislaid bouquet of fuck-flowers, or someone's weird bloodlimit.
Naruto Requests )

One Piece

I love One Piece for most of the same reasons that I do Naruto (found family, teamwork, bonds that are stronger than blood, unlikely heroes, heartbreaking backstories that get handed out like convention swag), but also the logical and internally consistent plotlines and the unbelievably cool worldbuilding.

Since this is nonconathon, though, I'm here for the abuse of authority and pretty boys getting fucked up. :D
One Piece Requests )

Don't Starve

How much do I suck at Don't Starve...?

I never have made it through a full year. That having been said, it's one of my absolute favourite games. Ever. I adore the art style (which is why this one's for fanfic and fanart!), and the crippling tension of knowing there could be a warg coming at any time. The sanity meter and the hallucinations, the creepy darkness (Charlie!), the way that any tiny change in the environment can mean perfect for keeping my playtime down to reasonable time blocks?

I die a lot. Very rarely from starving, but fairly often by tentacles. (Which I didn't nominate, omg, what's wrong with me).

My favourite part of every game (and the part that I am, by necessity, extremely good at) is the first week or so of setting up camp, finding food, materials, and buffer monsters to murder the wargs for you. I mean, if you want a time to set something. :P
Don't Starve requests )

One Punch Man

I love this canon for the very high quality of art and animation in the manga and the anime, and the undercurrent of sinister doings that laces all of the Hero Society bits. I love Saitama's utter lack of fucks, and Mumen Rider's surplus of fucks, and Genos' love-letter of fucks delivered daily to Saitama--okay, the metaphor is stretched too far. I love the characters, the art, the worldbuilding, and the plot.
One Punch Man Requests )

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Between Beast and Robin Hood, I've very lucky that Disney didn't end up making me into a furry. Which is to say that Beast is hot, and he should fuck Belle into next week., I'm very into the xeno/bestiality aspect of the ship, and the size difference. And even though I didn't pick fanart here, I really wish I had.
Beauty and the Beast requests )

Yuri!!! on Ice

Okay, so I'm on episode 10 as of this moment (I'll be done it by reveals, obviously), and this show is a fucking delightful barrage of hot guys being very into each other, and filled with so much sweetness that I pause it every six seconds to send screencaps to the person who got me into it. Seriously, it's hilarious and super cute, and I love it.

Which is why I want only the most vicious and brutal noncon fic for it! Though also dirty-bad-wrong betrayal non-con. <3. And sex pollen. Also non-violent noncon that's super creepy.
Yuri!!! on Ice requests )


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