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If you don’t like my prompts for a character or ship, but do like them pinned to another character or ship I've requested, feel free to mix and match.

You don't have to exactly match a prompt, write me a full story with a beginning, middle, and end, or draw a perfect picture to make me happy. I like epics, drabbles, sketches and the Mona Lisa, and I like everything in between. If you think a prompt is cool, but you only want to write 300 words of what would be a 100000 word story if fully written, or you only want to sketch the beginning of an idea, please do!

  • AUs
  • First and second person POV
  • Character Bashing
  • Animal abuse. Makes me cry, please don't.
  • Issuefic
I like this stuff in art:
  • bright two or three colour palettes (like blue and green, purple and red, yellow and orange)
  • black and white
  • ink drawings? I’m not sure that’s the right term, but Inktober was a really enjoyable month for me on Tumblr.
  • comics (if I could be so lucky!)
  • characters dressed for battle and holding really large weapons
  • costume porn
  • scenery porn. I love fanart that makes use of landscapes--vast night skies, misty shores, foreboding forests, ocean sunsets, snowy mountains, golden sand dunes, tropical forests, gorgeous tall ships--it seems unfair to request this, but if you like doing it anyway and can work it in, I’ll love it
  • Size kink! I love it in fic, but it works so awesomely in art that it’s like my number #1 fanart favourite.

I like this stuff in fic:
  • the canon setting
  • Time travel
  • Peggy sues
  • humour
  • slice of life
  • friends with benefits
  • casual sex with friends
  • characters being happily in love
  • hate sex that’s secretly like-sex
  • touch starvation
  • ghost stories (ghooooost seeeeeeex)
  • creepy stories
  • rape, dub-con, rape recovery (especially with healing cock)
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • stranded in snow storm/desert island/inside a whale/in a box
  • exhausted, worked-down-to-the-bone characters getting some TLC
  • lavish descriptions of beddings
  • sex for warmth
  • graphic torture
  • mind control
  • healing cock (both the parody of magical healing cock and the earnest ‘heal your trauma with a dick’ variety)
  • Sex pollen. I fucking love sex pollen.
  • cracky scenarios developed solely for porn. Futanari as an STD? Yes, please.
  • body swap


Trick or Treat
Fic or Art
Kakashi, Sakura, Itachi, Ino, Temari, Orochimaru, Sakumo, Kisame,

I especially love ghost stories, hurt/comfort for exhaustion or hunger, winter/snow storms, mysteries, resurrections, time travel, and deserts.

General Prompts: time travel, missions, winter, ghosts, lanterns, hunger, teammates, hands
General Treat Prompts: soulmates, exhaustion and sleep, homecoming, benevolent/helpful ghosts, warmth, resurrection, dogs
General Trick Prompts: angry ghosts, dying alone, soulmates, coming back wrong, crossing the moral event horizon, interrogation, torture, mutilation, madness, loss of self

Character Specific Prompts:

  • Split personality
  • Haunted by Sasuke's ghost (while he's still alive)
  • Crushing her enemies with iron fists
  • Leatherworking for fun and profit
  • Crushing on Tsunade
  • The first time she feels competent
  • Hunger
  • Stitches
  • Haunted.
  • Slowly driven mad by regrets
  • Soulbonded to an enemy
  • Slavery/Enslaved
  • Taking up crafting
  • Becoming a medic-nin with Sakura
  • The Hokage's desk
  • Sleeping under a blanket of nindogs
  •  Dying and existing to regret it
  • Captured by the enemy
  • Wolf shapeshifter
  • Saved at the last second
  • A litter of fuzzy puppies
  • Stuck inside with Kakashi on a snowy day
  • Betraying his village
  • Inhuman monster
  • He's a useful tool
  • Chained down and broken
  • Death by dehydration
  • Mail-order tea sampler kits
  • Soulmates
  • He didn't expect Akatsuki to involve so many teahouses
  • Soulmates
  • coming out of madness | redemption
  • they caught him when he tried to escape, and crippled him to keep him from trying again
  • the spirit of scientific inquiry
  • getting himself pregnant for reasons
  • he writes his teammates letters
  • Her little brother is a monster.
  • She hears echoes of voices in the wind
  • Her fan is possessed by an evil spirit
  • Being Gaara's first real friend after the chuunin exam
  • Dying slowly, choking on all of his regrets
  • The night before the massacre
  • Haunted by the Uchiha ghosts
  • Cuddling a litter of kittens and a chance to rest
  • Kindness where he least expected it
  • Stuck in someone's mind
  • Inconvenient telepathy
  • Breaking the enemy
  • Saving Asuma
  • Accidental body swap
  • Teamwork: the porno
  • Sleepovers

Favourite Ships:
You could ship any of the characters I've requested with each other and I would be delighted. Yes, any of them, and yes--that's a challenge (write or draw Kisame/Orochimaru, I dare you)

  • Competitive seduction
  • At the next Chuunin exam they fight for first place and set a new record for property damage
  • Caught in a cave in a snow storm
  • Everyone knows they're soulmates except them
  • No one believes that they're soulmates except them
  • Moving in together as 'roommates' (the funny thing is that they meant it at the time)
  • The mission that became a village legend
  • They would, could, and do walk through fire for each other
  • Kakashi's down for the count, but Sakura's got this
  • Drinking contest
  • Sakura keeps borrowing his dogs
  • Kakashi dies in her arms; five seconds later she brings him back
  • Wearing each other's clothes
  • Captured and extremely dangerous
  • Seduction on a mission
  • Kakashi knows his soulmate is a Mist Nin, and refuses to know any more than that
  • Kisame's ghost haunts Kakashi
  • Kisame abandons his village to find his soulmate (his soulmate is five years old)
  • Itachi trusts Kisame with an absentminded casualness that blows Kisame away
  • Kisame feeds Itachi chakra and blood to keep him alive
  • One of them survives, the other haunts them
  • Cuddling in a freezing rainstorm
Orochimaru/Anyone - Horror or fluff, sweet or fucked up. I have serious Orochimaru cravings right now.
  • He steals their blood and keeps it in a vial, ready to clone them if they dare to die
  • Orochimaru doesn't think he's capable of love until he falls headfirst into
Sakumo/Orochimaru - The crack ship is sailing, and I'm on board.
  • Sakumo is in the middle of a suicidal depression when he's assigned to guard--and spy on--Orochimaru
  • Sakumo saves a seventeen-year-old Orochimaru, and Orochimaru never forgets

One Piece

Trick or Treat
Fic or Art
Zoro, Mihawk, Perona, Luffy, Nami, Ace

I especially love ghost stories, hurt comfort for exhaustion or hunger, winter/snow storms, mysteries, resurrections, time travel, and deserts.

General Prompts: winter, autumn, ghosts, lanterns, hunger, crew, hands, ship-wrecked, s
General Treat Prompts: soulmates, exhaustion and sleep, homecoming, benevolent/helpful ghosts, warmth, resurrection, healing, freedom, ship cats, fishing, found family
General Trick Prompts: angry ghosts, dying alone, soulmates, coming back wrong, executions, interrogation, torture, disasters, bleeding, regrets, inferno, the 'devil' in devil fruit is literal, captivity, body horror, surgery

Character Specific Prompts:
  • Raising his hopeless teenagers to be very dangerous pirates
  • He's under mind control
  • His last fight
  • Stuck on the Thousand Sunny
  • Blacklisted
  • Father's Day
  • He's a vampire (literally)
  • The islands are moving
  • Map-making
  • Being Luffy's
  • Slitting Arlong's throat
  • Their attempt to break her made her stronger
  • Calling down lightning
  • Weather Witch (literally)
  • The devil is in the details
  • Seastone collars
  • A cat named Adventure
  • He never had a tangerine before Nami joined the crew
  • Heroes aren't him
  • Haunted by Ace
Perona - Ghoooooooooooooosts. Okay, now add more ghosts.
  • Mihawk and Zoro are the closest she's ever felt to normal
  • Her shadow is her own--mostly
  • One of her ghosts kills someone
  • Her ghosts show her people's greatest regrets/disappointments/shame
  • She catches a cold and finds Mihawk and Zoro to be helicopter nursemaids
  • She's pretty sure she's dead
  • Ghosts
  • Freedom was another word for nothing left to lose (He didn't realize he had something to lose until he lost it)
  • becoming Whitebeard's son
  • his first love
  • Impel Down
  • The fire is hard to control at first
  • He likes pain a little too much
  • Two years later he wakes up absolutely starving (zombie, vampire, incubus, or human, your choice).
  • Protecting his people
  • Magically turned into a tiger
  • He's afraid of being lost
  • Something's wrong with his body
  • The first time he cuts through seastone
  • He's a tiger shapeshifter

Favourite Ships:
You could ship any of the characters I've requested with each other and I would be delighted. Yes, any of them, and yes, that's a challenge (Luffy/Mihawk? <i>Nami</i>/Mihawk? I'd like to see it, tbh). These are just...additional suggestions that can be mixed and matched to any pairing.

Mihawk/Perona -
  • Ghost sex, ghost voyeurism, ghost possession
  • Or Perona protecting Mihawk / Mihawk protecting her
  • Sharing a bottle of wine
  • Perona is very good at stitches
  • Guiding him to the Thousand Sunny
  • Sharing a bottle of wine, a bed, or a bath
  • One or both are virgins
  • Zoro's tongue is very, very strong
  • Romantic advice from Mihawk
  • (ghooooooosts)

  • They're soulmates. All three of them.
  • Tying one of them down and fucking them all night
  • The castle is haunted (not by Perona)
  • Mihawk returns from a trip with an injury
  • Zoro gets lost, the other two find him
  • The bond between comrades (fuck buddies)
  • Nami wants him to cut her
  • Zoro likes her scars
  • Drinking after midnight
  • Semi-public sex
  • Cuddling for comfort and warmth
  • Zoro gets lost on an island, Nami finds him
  • A chance encounter on the Grandline
  • Ace's boat capsized, and he can't get out of the water enough to put it right side up
  • Mihawk loses his position as a Warlord, is imprisoned in Impel Down, frees Ace as a distraction, and they end up successfully fleeing together

Corruption of Champions

Fic or Art
Male Champion, Female Champion, Arian

General Prompts: angry ghosts, dying alone, body horror, exhaustion, growing new body parts, eggs, unholy pregnancies, lost, winter, lanterns, hunger, will o' wisps, hermaphrodites

You can't go too far with this. Anything in the game is fair to take, and take further.

  • He wanted the champion to like him, so he never said no. Not even when he wanted to
  • The champion offers him out to interested parties/takes him adventuring to distract the enemies
  • The champion turns him into a hypersexualized caricature of himself and lets the entire camp use him as a convenient fuckhole
  • The champion is huge. Like really, really huge.
Male Champion
  • Body horror. The champion becoming corrupted, twisted, and strange, and as he does, he cares less and less.
  • Saying yes to the sand witch
  • Any of the bad ends
  • Becoming a hermaphrodite
  • "What the fuck am I pregnant with now?" - Old Champion Saying
Female Champion
  • Any of the bad ends
  • "What the fuck am I pregnant with now?" - Old Champion Saying
  • With corruption comes hunger
  • Looking for tentacle monsters in the woods
  • Fucking the minotaurs
Give me something really fucked up. Please?


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