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This is still a placeholder letter. I'll get actual prompts out by Monday, but until then, it's safe to assume that I like my non-con like I like my coffee: in every possible configuration from black to tiramisu. It is my favourite trope ever, and you would have to try very hard to make me not like it.

This hasn't been a placeholder in weeks. Shit. I completely forgot to delete that bit. My bad?

Modern or Mundane AUs
First and second person POV
Character bashing
Animal abuse (Doesn't include Don't Starve. Or bestiality, for that matter)
Underage with characters under 13
Betrayal of partners/teammates/friends (unless canonical...or requested)

Stuff I always like:
The tags I requested! Feel free to use tag for any ship in any fandom
Canon AUs, for-want-of-a-nail, and time travel
Sex Pollen. 24/7 A-Okay, Yes, Please.
Violence, gore, mutilation, graphic torture, dehumanization
Unhappy endings, happy endings, unsettlingly weird endings
H/C, no H/C, H/c
Snuff, necrophilia, horror, body horror
Something made them do it
Ghost sex
Inanimate objects becoming animate and horny
Monsters, xeno, breeding
Public use/very public violation
Rescue fic


Naruto! I love these idiot ninja and their tragic backstories a ridiculous amount. The found family and teamwork narratives are absolutely one of my favourite things in it. I love the unquestioning loyalty that should really be questioned, sacrificing themselves for their team...yes indeed. Naruto is iddy as fuck.

And I mean, it's not canon that they do prostitution missions, but no one says they don't! And then there's always losing a fight, or a mislaid bouquet of fuck-flowers, or someone's weird bloodlimit.

Prompt 1

Inner Sakura noncons Itachi
Itachi Shadow Clone Embodying Itachi's Self-Hatred noncons Itachi
Sex Pollen noncons Kisame & Itachi

Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Dream Rape Forced telepathic bond Futanari Rape as Revenge Raped by a Gigantic Cock
Sex Pollen Sex Pollened Character(s)/Unaffected Character(s) Shared Body used against the wishes of part of it unwanted arousal Victim Sacrifices Self to Protect Other
Victim Soulbonds with Rapist Victim Treated Like Sex Toy Victim Forced to Rape Other Victim or Let Them Be Raped by Aggressor Instead    

Inner Sakura noncons Itachi -This ship is a good fit for dream rape, forced telepathic bond, rape as revenge, and futanari, and it has some real potential for shared body used against the wishes of part of it--Sakura might be fully aware of what her alter-ego is doing to the S-Class missing nin, and entirely unable to stop her. (Soulbonding them is a stretch, but if you want to go there, I'll be ready with my spoon.)

- Itachi uses the Mangekyo Sharingan on Sakura and bites off way more than he anticipated
- sex pollen knocks Sakura out of commission, leaving Inner Sakura in charge. Inner Sakura has some real rage issues over Sasuke. Itachi is also dosed with sex pollen, and awkwardly tries to cooperate with someone who just wants to hurt him. He's never done this before--he has no baseline for normal.
- Sakura runs into Itachi on a mission, and he tries to force her to treat Kisame's...uh, torn hamstring? Sakura agrees, poisons them into paralysis, and Itachi knocks her out with the Sharingan. Inner Sakura comes out to play (feel free to include or exclude Kisame and Sakura).

Itachi Shadow Clone Embodying Itachi's Self-Hatred noncons Itachi - On some level, this ship is sort of inherently consensual. But Itachi solemnly submitting to his furious clones as they take his rage out on him because he deserves it...hmm. IDK, it feels noncon enough for me. I think the real draw here is that Itachi's emotions have clearly been repressed so much that they constitute a black hole, and he's...I mean, there's no way Itachi has healthy coping mechanisms. Self-rape works, right?

I think this would do well with violence, object penetration, fisting, choking, forced submission, gangrape, victim treated like a sex toy--physical manifestations of Itachi's self-loathing. With pretty much any other ship I'm perfectly happy with gentleness or bits of kindness, but with this one, I really want it to hurt. The emotional aspect of it can be anywhere from light dubcon to hard noncon, but the physical--well, I want Itachi to want to see himself bleed.

- Itachi summons an exploding shadow clone, and it comes out wrong. All the emotions that Itachi represses are seething under the clone's skin, and it's too close to him to kill, and to fast for him to escape.
- His clones always tell him he deserves it. Itachi agrees.
- The first clone Itachi summons after the massacre has a bone to pick with him
- Itachi gets hit with sex pollen, and summons a clone to keep watch, assuming it won't be affected. He can be right or not about the clone non being affected, but either way, his clone should brutally fuck him.

Sex Pollen noncons Kisame & Itachi - Sex pollen and size kink. That's all I ask. Okay, I'd also like it if they were good friends, and both of them are aware that this is a violation of the trust between them, but unable to stop. And I'd LOVE it if afterwards they're both appalled that the other didn't just kill them. I can see this being brutal, gentle, and anything in between, but I can't see Kisame's cock as anything but enormous.

- Itachi hates being touched. Kisame just got a face full of sex pollen.
- Itachi's most recent medication was less medication than a hallucinogen/aphrodisiac party drug at 3x the usual dosage. He crawls into Kisame's bed high as a kite and reliving sharingan memories as hallucinations.
- Sasori uses them as test subjects for a new poison. If they don't fuck, they'll die.
- Kisame keeps his instincts leashed tightly, but anything strong enough to make him try to fuck Itachi is more that strong enough to shatter all that restraint. Did you know that in some species the male sharks bite the females to hold them in place while they fuck them? Well, now you do. (Also, claspers, yay?)

Prompt 2

Original Male Characters noncon Kakashi
Plantlife noncons Kakashi
Sex Pollen noncons Kakashi & Sakura & Sasuke & Naruto

Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Sex Pollened Character(s)/Unaffected Character(s)Sex PollenTentacle RapeCharacters forced to have sex as entertainment of third partyVictim Forced to Rape Other Victim or Let Them Be Raped by Aggressor Instead
Victim thinks they can't say noCursed with ObedienceObject rapeSex TraffickingRape to cause humiliation/loss of status
Public UseGang Rapegang/team/group fucktoyCharacter Forced to Watch Other Character Getting Gang Rapedrape as punishment
Victim Sacrifices Self to Protect OtherSubmission to rape as part of duty/jobAphrodisiacsAbuse of AuthorityStocks and Pillory

Original Male Characters noncon Kakashi - The great thing about Kakashi is that he's susceptible to chakra-exhaustion, duty, and protecting others as motivations for submitting to things he really doesn't want to do. :D

- Kakashi finishes one fight, and walks right into another. Unfortunately he has just enough chakra to stay conscious. The new ninja find this hilarious. (Teenage ANBU Kakashi, maybe? Or one of the last missions before he leaves ANBU?)
- Kakashi's bounty is twice as high if he's alive. There's also a bounty on his fresh semen and photos of his face. A band of missing nin decides to take advantage. And to take him down a peg or two in the process. Maybe they tie him to something and leave him for everyone to use/milk?
- The mist-nin has a tentacle jutsu

Plantlife noncons Kakashi

- The tree he's sleeping in is moving
- The vines need a seed-carrier
- A hallucinogenic rape tree lures Kakashi (and his team?) inside its dripline

Sex Pollen noncons Kakashi & Sakura & Sasuke & Naruto - The real reason for my no underage under 13 DNW, lol. I'd really prefer this prompt to be post-timeskip.

- Sasuke flees Sound drugged to the gills with sex pollen, and stumbles straight into the rest of Team 7. If he doesn't get fucked--repeatedly, for hours, with as much skin-to-skin contact as possible--he'll die. Also, the sex pollen is transmissible through skin-to-skin contact.
- One member of Team Seven gets dosed with attractive sex pollen--it doesn't necessarily affect them, but absolutely everyone around them suddenly finds them to be irresistibly attractive. I have no preference who gets dosed--Sakura getting fucked by every guy on her team one after the other would be hot, Kakashi getting fucked by his students could have some delicious guilt and hotness, Sasuke could go so many different ways, and Naruto could be deeply touch-starved and praying that they wouldn't stop even as he freaks out over how this isn't right...lots of options!
- Fuck or die resistible sex pollen gets the whole team, and they're locked into quarantine together with the warning that if they don't manage to sweat it out between themselves, then other ninja will be assigned to the task.

Prompt 3

Any Male Character(s) noncons Orochimaru
Jiraiya noncons Orochimaru
OMCs noncon Sasuke
Original Male Character(s) noncons Orochimaru
Orochimaru noncons Jiraiya
Sex Pollen noncons Orochimaru & Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke noncons Uchiha Itachi

Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Blackmailed / Coerced Into SexCharacter's Magic Cock Resurrect Dead PeopleCursed with ObedienceEnduring rape to distract an enemyForced to participate in rape of another
Forced to rape victim to spare them from a worse fateObjectification/Dehumanizationrape as punishmentRape by contractRaped by a Gigantic Cock
Sex as a Bargaining ChipSex PollenSex Pollened Character(s)/Unaffected Character(s)Sexual TortureShapeshifting to Maximize Damage
Submission to rape as part of duty/jobVictim Forced to Rape Other Victim or Let Them Be Raped by Aggressor InsteadVictim Sacrifices Self to Protect OtherVictim Treated Like LoverForced Prostitution

Jiraiya noncons Orochimaru - I really, really want any of the following tags:
- Enduring rape to distract an enemy
- Forced to participate in rape of another
- Forced to rape victim to spare them from a worse fate
- Victim Forced to Rape Other Victim or Let Them Be Raped by Aggressor Instead
- Victim Sacrifices Self to Protect Other

In combination with Victim treated like a lover. Orochimaru would hate it, and Jiraiya wouldn’t be able to treat him otherwise, and it would be so fucked up! ...I could give you prompts here, but I assure you that I am happy with even the most paper-thin premise you can devise for this scenario. I'd be happy with pre-canon or during canon for them as well.

OMCs noncon Sasuke - Come on, Sasuke suffers beautifully. If you write this, I'd really like Sasuke's issues with life, intimacy, and human contact to be really front and centre. If you want to happy end it with Itachi murdering the shit out of his little brother's rapists and then walking off while Sasuke's covering in their come and blood...I mean, no objections here. Oooh, if you want to write this with Sasuke being absolutely apathetic to the experience because Orochimaru had done so much worse, that's also fun!

- Sasuke doesn't run away from Sound so much as he walks out the front door and just keeps walking. When bandits attack, he does nothing to stop them (gangbang&public use?). ...okay, to make this one work, I'm going to assume that Sasuke has been temporarily lobotomized by one of Kabuto's experiments.
- An Uchiha in Sound is a much easier target than an Uchiha in Konoha. Cloud ninja kidnap Sasuke from Orochimaru's lair and one or many of them make him into the entertainment on the way back to Lightning Country (Orochimaru rescues?)

Original Male Character(s) noncons Orochimaru - I like Orochimaru as an amoral creep who nevertheless adores his teammates.

- Orochimaru getting gangraped by original male characters in order to protect his teammates
- Orochimaru offers his body for Tsunade or Jiraiya's safety
- Orochimaru was gang raped and tortured during the first war, and then spent decades trying to replicate the experience until he gave up and went back in time to relive it for real. Bonus points for murdering his rapists at the end.

Orochimaru noncons Jiraiya - I like Orochimaru being at least a little in love with Jiraiya

- Jiraiya can die, but he can't hide. Orochimaru resurrects Jiraiya. Possibly with a magic resurrection cock.
- Orochimaru wants Jiraiya's babies, so he hunts him down, drugs him, and has sex with him while Jiraiya tries futilely to convince him to stop.
- Before they became the sannin, Orochimaru and Jiraiya were captured in the second war. They tell Orochimaru and Jiraiya that they'll rape them both if they don't fuck each other. Maybe Jiraiya has a concussion and is dizzy and confused while Orochimaru is super tense and has to spend like ten minutes finger-fucking Jiraiya because he can't get hard. Maybe the enemy ninja gangrape Jiraiya afterward anyway, while thanking Orochimaru for loosening him up for them. (feel free to swap the names if you'd prefer to write this as Jiraiya noncons Orochimaru).
- Jiraiya isn't gay, but that's okay--Orochimaru don't have to be a man. Or: Orochimaru steals the body of a woman and seduces--or tries to--Jiraiya with it., it's pretty extreme, but I'm cool with Orochimaru's first body stealing experiments being literally with corpses. Jiraiya can slowly get more and more freaked out at how cold her body is, how strangely she moves, how intensely she looks at him.

Sex Pollen noncons Orochimaru & Sasuke - Okay, for maximum fucked up-ness, I’d be entirely cool with Orochimaru NOT being a pedophile. Like, he’s creepy as shit, and terribly fond of vivisecting children, but he’s not into fucking them, just to make this extra shitty for the both of them. ...though Sasuke can totally have inappropriate feelings for Orochimaru that are absolutely not based on Orochimaru looking like Itachi from a certain angle, why would you even suggest that?

- Kabuto deliberately doses them to see what’ll happen
- Orochimaru tells Sasuke not to touch the mushrooms. Sasuke touches the mushrooms
- Sasuke’s never had sex before. Orochimaru has, and he hates it. Unfortunately, they’ll both die if they don’t have sex, and the only person they want to fuck less than they want to fuck each other is Kabuto

Uchiha Sasuke noncons Uchiha Itachi - Have I mentioned that I like sex pollen? Because I do. I also like brotherly unresolved issues that manifest in tender/violent hate sex, and Itachi quietly giving in to Sasuke's advances because he thinks he deserves anything Sasuke sees fit to dish out.

- Itachi collapses sooner in their fight, leaving Sasuke extremely unsatisfied. Sasuke drags him off to a handy cave to interrogate him. The interrogation is with his dick.
- Sasuke confronts Itachi in a field of Fuck Flowers
- Sasuke has a thing for men with long, black hair. Itachi thinks Sasuke’s seen through his disguise.
- Post-canon Sasuke finds Itachi praying in the Uchiha family shrine, resurrected into flesh and blood
- Sasuke trips backward in time to the month before the massacre, and immediately kidnaps Itachi, kills Danzo, and lights a lot of things on fire. Itachi can have come back in time too, or we can just assume that 20+ yo Sasuke is stronger than 13yo Itachi. I know, I know, it feels like a stretch to me, too, but in the name of porn!


One Piece

I love One Piece for most of the same reasons that I do Naruto (found family, teamwork, bonds that are stronger than blood, unlikely heroes, heartbreaking backstories that get handed out like convention swag), but also the logical and internally consistent plotlines and the unbelievably cool worldbuilding.

Since this is nonconathon, though, I'm here for the abuse of authority and pretty boys getting fucked up. :D

Prison Guards noncon Ace
Blackbeard noncons Ace
Ghost Ace noncons Akainu
Marines noncon Ace
Smoker noncons Ace
Whitebeard noncons Ace
Whitebeard Pirates noncon Ace
OMCs noncon Ace
OMCs noncon Sanji
Blackbeard noncons Buggy the Clown

Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Kidnapping/Imprisonment prison rape Deliberately Induced Stockholm Syndrome Stocks and Pillory Public Use
Openly Raped in Public Ghost Rapes Living Person Involuntary Transformation Character who cannot say no to anything Forced Submission
Raped by a Gigantic Cock Victim Sacrifices Self to Protect Other Mind Break Sex Pollened Character(s)/Unaffected Character(s) Sex Pollen
Betrayal/Abuse of trust Abuse of Authority      

Prison Guards noncon Ace - Honestly, I feel like this one is a prompt all by itself. A good prompt. :D

- Ace is the guard's favourite toy, and party favour of the month at their staff meetings

Blackbeard noncons Ace - Size kink and rape of a captive, helpless prisoner. <3

- Blackbeard takes pictures of him fucking Ace to send home to Whitebeard
- He ties Ace to his bed and fucks him raw

Ghost Ace noncons Akainu - I want ghost sex, because I always want ghost sex. :D

- Ace wakes up translucent and only able to touch Akainu. He's starving, but there's nothing he can eat--except Akainu. The hunger of the D. is a mighty thing indeed. (Throw some cannibalism in! Why not?)
- The ghost wears the clothes of Marine when he appears to Akainu, and the face of a whore when he fucks himself on Akainu's cock. Sakazuki cannot resist, even as he feels the strength slowly sapping out of him, even though the devil's spawn grows stronger every time.

Marines noncon Ace - The son of the Pirate King deserves the worst the world has to fling at him.

- The trip to his execution is long and full of rape
- Ace lost a fight to the Marines not long before he ran into Whitebeard's crew. His escape was paved in blood and fire, and marked a thousandfold increase in his bounty.

Smoker noncons Ace - Seastone and intrusive searches!

- Smoker fucks every hole Ace has with his smoke, watching as Ace squirms and tries not to cry.

Whitebeard noncons Ace - Him joining Whitebeard's crew is one of those things that still seems out of character for Ace (though it's technically a character-defining moment, it's a weird one). So why not spice up him joining Whitebeard's crew with some rape and Stockholm Syndrome? And size kink, dear god, please give me the size kink inherent to this ship. Bonus points for wearing down his resistance until he wants Whitebeard's attention!

- One of Whitebeard's fingers is as thick around as Ace's wrist, and his cock is entirely proportionate to his body. There's no way that Ace is ever going to fit on Whitebeard's cock, but Whitebeard's working him up to taking two of his fingers.
- Ace gets hit by a dose of sex pollen strong enough to kill him, and panics when asked to pick someone to help fuck it out of him. Whitebeard steps in to help.

Whitebeard Pirates noncon Ace - I mean, I'm not saying that I think it's canon, but Ace being the crew's fuck toy for a couple of weeks as an initiation rite, or as part of him being their captive would be extremely hot. Bonus points for wearing down his resistance until he can't remember why he's resisting.

- The first time he tries to kill Whitebeard, Marco and Thatch drag his half-conscious body to the top deck and lock him into seastone-studded stocks, and leave him there for a week.
- Ace is unexpectedly immune to the aphrodisiac mushrooms that got mixed into breakfast. The rest of the crew, not so much. He can't hurt them, there's no where to run, and for whatever reason, everyone from Whitebeard down is focused on him.

OMCs noncon Ace
- Ace falls asleep at the worst possible time
- Given a choice between keeping his body safe and keeping his crew safe, Ace chooses the latter
- Impel Down is full of men who hate Whitebeard, and Ace by proxy.

OMCs noncon Sanji
- The Baratie got some rough customers at times (If you do this one, I would really appreciate a Zeff rescue or Sanji escaping rather than a bleak ending)
- Sanji wanders into the wrong market while searching for supplies
- a pretty girl lures him into a dark alley and offers him a drink

Blackbeard noncons Buggy the Clown - I nominated and requested this one on the basis of "why the fuck not?" Blackbeard is one year older than Buggy, and they would have been contemporaries for a time. Size kink, obviously great.

- Young Shanks must have wanted to fight Teach for a reason--what if that reason was what Teach did to Buggy?
- Blackbeard captures Buggy for his devil fruit, and then decides to keep him around because he remembers how fond Shanks was of the clown.
- Blackbeard cuts out Buggy's eyes and tongue to make sure Buggy won't run away, and puts the jar with Buggy's eyes in it on a shelf nearby so Buggy can watch what Blackbeard's doing to him.

Don't Starve

How much do I suck at Don't Starve...?

I never have made it through a full year. That having been said, it's one of my absolute favourite games. Ever. I adore the art style (which is why this one's for fanfic and fanart!), and the crippling tension of knowing there could be a warg coming at any time. The sanity meter and the hallucinations, the creepy darkness (Charlie!), the way that any tiny change in the environment can mean perfect for keeping my playtime down to reasonable time blocks?

I die a lot. Very rarely from starving, but fairly often by tentacles. (Which I didn't nominate, omg, what's wrong with me).

My favourite part of every game (and the part that I am, by necessity, extremely good at) is the first week or so of setting up camp, finding food, materials, and buffer monsters to murder the wargs for you. I mean, if you want a time to set something. :P


Maxwell noncons Wilson
Charlie noncons Wilson
Charlie noncons Maxwell
Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Ghost Rapes Living Person Rapist shapeshifts to lure victims Sex Pollened Character(s)/Unaffected Character(s) Dream Rape Ravaged by Wild Animals
survival sex Sex In Exchange for Saving Life Sex as a Bargaining Chip Soul violation  

Nothing in Don't Starve counts towards animal abuse. Kill them all, see if I care. Fucking Beefalos. And Wargs. And Killer Bees. And Deerclops. And Spiders. And everything else that has killed me (which is everything. Everything has killed me.)

Maxwell noncons Wilson - "Say pal, you don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!" By this, I'm just going to assume Maxwell means his dick.

- Maxwell makes wargs attack and rape Wilson for shits and giggles
- Wilson hasn't slept in a month. The dreams are too real. Too...strange.
- Evil flowers are filled with sex pollen. Maxwell takes advantage of Wilson's desperation.
- Maxwell sends Wilson message: I'll give you a carrot for your body. Wilson nearly starves to death before he accepts.
- Maxwell nudges the Beefalos toward Wilson's camp. It's so dull when Wilson's successful. A herd of Beefalo in mating season is just the ticket to liven things up.
- Every once in a while, Maxwell intervenes between Wilson and certain death. Such kindness needs to be repaid.

Charlie noncons Wilson - "What was that?" It's dark! We don't know that that alarmed cry isn't because he just got tentacles.

- Sleeping through the night may return sanity, but that's only because dreams don't last in his memories
- His torch goes out, he's out of wood, and something is moving in the dark
- Charlie gives Wilson a choice: he can die, or he can be her willing, enthusiastic toy until morning
- She appears in her human form. Wilson hasn't seen another person in years, and Charlie is so charming and kind...well, at least at first. Everything goes downhill rapidly after night falls.

Charlie noncons Maxwell - "Charlie? It's me! Maxwell!"

- Maxwell's been on the throne for so long that he worries sometimes that he's become it. The music never stops, and the shadows seethe in the corners. Charlie is waiting, and she's hungry.
- Maxwell's clones start disappearing at night. They aren't dead, but he can't find them--at least not until he ventures into the underground. Charlie's been collecting his shadows.
- Charlie frees him--for a price.

One Punch Man

I love this canon for the very high quality of art and animation in the manga and the anime, and the undercurrent of sinister doings that laces all of the Hero Society bits. I love Saitama's utter lack of fucks, and Mumen Rider's surplus of fucks, and Genos' love-letter of fucks delivered daily to Saitama--okay, the metaphor is stretched too far. I love the characters, the art, the worldbuilding, and the plot.


Sex Pollen noncons Saitama noncons Sonic
Sex Pollen noncons Saitama & Mumen Rider
Puri-Puri Prisoner noncons Sonic
Monsters noncon Mumen Rider
Monsters noncon Metal Bat
Monsters noncon Genos
Genos & Saitama noncon Sonic
Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Tentacle Rape prison rape Sex Pollened Character(s)/Unaffected Character(s) Sex Pollen Raped by Monsters
Object rape Rapist doesn't realize it is rape Tortured until they beg for rape Victim Sacrifices Self to Protect Other Victim Forced to Rape Other Victim or Let Them Be Raped by Aggressor Instead
Forced Prostitution Drugs/Alcohol/Roofies Aphrodisiacs    

Sex Pollen noncons Saitama noncons Sonic

- Sonic notices that Saitama is acting weird way too late to run. And once in Saitama's grasp, he has no hope of escape.
- Ninja use poisons. Sonic is a ninja. But the poison he uses on Saitama isn't the poison he thinks it is (it's sex pollen).

Sex Pollen noncons Saitama & Mumen Rider

- No monster is strong enough to face Saitama, but he has no defence against poisons. Mumen Rider's trying to evacuate the area when he runs into Saitama.

Puri-Puri Prisoner noncons Sonic

- Puri Puri Prisoner does love those pretty boys. They don't love him back, but that's why he picks the ones that don't matter.
- Sonic laughs and walks away from Puri Puri's offer, but the ground isn't quite steady under him. (aphrodisiacs/roofies/drugs)

Monsters noncon Mumen Rider

- Mumen Rider doesn't back down, even when he really should. And by the time he thinks to run, it's much too late.
- Mumen Rider is determined to protect the citizens, even if it means sacrificing his body. Publicly, while the people he's trying to save film it on their phones.

Monsters noncon Metal Bat

- I feel like he should really end up getting fucked with his bat as some point. Maybe to loosen him up for the monsters

Monsters noncon Genos

- The reason Genos lived through his village being destroyed is because the Cyborg wanted to fuck him. Or his village was destroyed by a rampaging pack of tentacle beasts. Or giant wolves. Or really angry centaurs.

Genos & Saitama noncon Sonic - Okay, I've tried, and I can't come up with a single possibility except sex pollen or rapist(s) don't realize it's rape to make this prompt happen. I'd be happy to see it done, if you're cleverer than I am at coming up with something, though!

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Between Beast and Robin Hood, I've very lucky that Disney didn't end up making me into a furry. Which is to say that Beast is hot, and he should fuck Belle into next week., I'm very into the xeno/bestiality aspect of the ship, and the size difference. And even though I didn't pick fanart here, I really wish I had.

Beast noncons Belle
Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Raped by Monsters Furniture Coming to Life and Fucking People Forced Submission Kidnapping/Imprisonment Victim is strapped/in chains/tied-up
Raped by a Gigantic Cock forced bestiality hunted with rape as penalty for getting caught Victim forced to pick which hole gets raped  

- Come on, the Furniture Coming to Life and Fucking People tag was made for this movie. Beast can't fit his monstrous dick into Belle, so he orders the servants to stretch her virgin pussy while he watches. Then he fucks her. And knots her? Up to you, but I do love knotting.
- Belle tries to run and gets caught by the wolves. Turns out Beast can control them! And he makes them fuck her, one after the other, to teach her why she shouldn't run away from him.
- Beast makes her pick which hole he'll fuck. The other hole gets fucked by a horse? An armchair? Stuffed with a very large dildo and left that way until she begs him to fuck her again? Or it just gets a break from his massive cock.
- Beast pins her down and fucks her ass.

Yuri!!! on Ice

Okay, so I'm on episode 10 as of this moment (I'll be done it by reveals, obviously), and this show is a fucking delightful barrage of hot guys being very into each other, and filled with so much sweetness that I pause it every six seconds to send screencaps to the person who got me into it. Seriously, it's hilarious and super cute, and I love it.

Which is why I want only the most vicious and brutal noncon fic for it! Though also dirty-bad-wrong betrayal non-con. <3. And sex pollen. Also non-violent noncon that's super creepy.

Big-dicked Creature noncons Yuri Plisetsky
Minami Kenjirou noncons Katsuki Yuuri
Nishigori Takeshi & Nishigori Yuuko noncon Katsuki Yuuri
Original Character(s) male noncon Minami Kenjiro
Yakov Feltsman noncons Victor Nikiforov
Judge(s) (male) noncon Jean-Jacques Leroy

Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Major Character Death

Abuse of Authority Betrayal/Abuse of trust gang/team/group fucktoy Mind Break Raped by a Gigantic Cock
Raped by Monsters Sex Pollen Sex Pollened Character(s)/Unaffected Character(s) Submission to rape as part of duty/job Victim Forced to Rape Other Victim or Let Them Be Raped by Aggressor Instead
Forced Prostitution Public Humiliation Public Use Stocks and Pillory Victim is strapped/in chains/tied-up

I'm not really into Victuuri. They're canon as fuck, which means, obviously, that I am sated and pleased by their canon relationship, and not really interested in reading about Victor and Yuuri being together in fic (thank you, my completely useless id). This is mostly just a request that you not focus on their relationship as a source of additional angst if you're writing either one of them getting raped.

Big-dicked Creature noncons Yuri Plisetsky

- Yuri is wandering aimlessly through a foreign country he visited on a whim when suddenly he's attacked by a giant werewolf with a dick the size of his arm (Yuri's arm, not the werewolf's, though hey, maybe the werewolf's?)
- Yuri knows that Yuuri must be hiding something in the special hot spring that's fenced off and triple locked, and he's not wrong.
- A weretiger makes Yuri into his breeding bitch.
- Yakov says that the stocks in the woods are for toughening up Senior Skaters only, but Yuri doesn't have time for bullshit like "You're too young!" At midnight something he can't see starts undressing him.

Minami Kenjirou noncons Katsuki Yuuri - if you want to flip this to Yuuri noncons Minami, I'm on board with that as well.

- Minami is super sweet 99% of the the time! The other one percent he's a tentacled eldritch horror that Yuuri can never remember as anything but a terrible nightmare
- Minami wins a bet. Yuuri said he could ask for anything, and Minami--well, he didn't think it through.
- When two members of a country compete, winner takes loser is an old (and public) tradition. After Yuuri screws up at the Grand Prix finals, Minami's idol get stripped and prepared for him on the ice. It's not exactly what Minami was hoping for, but who is he to argue with tradition?

Nishigori Takeshi & Nishigori Yuuko noncon Katsuki Yuuri - (I like mmf threesomes a lot. This would be delightful to receive)

- After practice, Yuuri runs into them making out in the change room. They insist that he join them. And they hold him down and force him when he tries to refuse, because the best way to keep a secret is to make everyone in it complicit.
- The change rooms at the rink had a Sweet Shroom infestation when they were all teenagers. Yuuko and Takeshi came to practice early, and breathed it in for a solid 30-40 minutes before their younger teammate arrived. Tragic incident. No one talks about it much.

Original Character(s) male noncon Minami Kenjiro

- Dark alley, gangbang. That's all I ask for. Maybe leave him there, tied up and naked from the waist down, and have people wander by and finger fuck or fist him.

Yakov Feltsman noncons Victor Nikiforov

- Yakov rewards winners and punishes losers.
Yakov takes his coach duties very seriously. Yuri needs cat photos, Mila needs fresh human blood, Georgi needs raw meat, and Victor needs a dick up his ass at least once a week.

Judge(s) (male) noncon Jean-Jacques Leroy

- Hey, he earned those points. On his back. With his mouth and ass. While crying.
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